Enough is Enough

As a general rule, it is a very big mistake for me to start running my mouth off online when I am overly emotional.  The problem with that is that we are only 1/3 of the way into an emotional year that feels like it is just going to keep building and building until everything spirals out of control.  When you are faced with such a time, it seems logical to get it all out in the open while you still have the chance.

Because the fact of the matter is, we were snookered folks.  And the most ridiculous part, is that we were conned by the same people that con us over and over again without remorse.  It’s almost like an abusive relationship.  You tell yourself that this time it will be different, things will get better.


Spoiler Alert:  IT NEVER DOES

A couple months ago I made an offhand comment in a blog that the BLM’s new proposed EA for the Pryor Mountains made it possible for them to only allow one offspring per mare on the range.  I quickly brushed that aside by saying that I did not think that was the BLM’s intentions, only that it would be possible.   Well, guess what?  It turns out that is exactly what they intend to do, and it probably was what they wanted right from the get go.

Today the Billing’s field office released a scoping notice (link here) to explain their intentions to remove 30 horses aged 1-3 from the Pryor Mountain horse herd.  The comments on this are due by 4:30 p.m. MST on Friday, April 24, 2015.


And the truth is that I feel helpless, and even a little hopeless.  I’ve been spending the past year with a constant knot in my gut over White Mountain and what is planned for that herd, and it just feels like too much.  There is not much that I can do, and I know that.  But at the very least, I can do what I am good at and help break this down for everybody.

Currently there are 49 horses that fall under the 1-3 year old category… maybe.  This number is assuming all of the 2014 foals survived.  It is a little bit questionable, especially in the case of one particular mare/foal pair, but we need a starting point.

If thirty horses were removed, this would account for 61% of the horses in that age range.  So how would the BLM choose the unlucky thirty?


For this we go back to the Environmental Assessment.  Under the new rules, a mare is put back on infertility control (PZP) so long as she has one offspring over the age of one year that is alive and in the wild.  The BLM specifically  notes that they are allowed to remove all a mare’s offspring, save one.

So in other words, the goal of this roundup is to take as many mares as possible down to one offspring.  This will let the BLM put that mare back on PZP for good, and there will be nothing we can do to stop it because that is how they wrote the rules.


There are a few problems with this.  First of all, the BLM cannot remove 30 horses without breaking their own rules.  If they took thirty, three mares would be left with zero offspring on the range.  As it is, taking 27 horses would leave 26 mares with one and only one offspring left in the wild.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s drill down by splitting the 1-3 year olds into three categories.


We will start with the horses who have a sibling/half-sibling that is 4 years or older.  The older sibling is safe from removal.  In order to hit the BLM’s proposed number, every single horse in this category would have to be removed.  In parentheses is the name of the horses dam and the offspring that could not be removed.

Horses With at Least 1 Sibling 4+ Years Old

Mato (Cecelia – Inniq)

Mesa (Cedar– Jewel, Lobo)

Navigator  (Felicity – Ingrid)

Moenkopi, Nye (Galena – Jack)

Meriweather (Madonna – Gringo, Lariat)

Marlene, Norma Jean, Orlando (Greta – Johan)

Mato Ska, Encore, Onhanzee (Feldspar – Jasper)

Moorcroft (Brumby – Gabrielle)

Nina (Bakken – Issaquah, Chief Joseph)

Norte, Orion (Waif – Blizzard, Halo, Icara, Jewel)

Nahwa, Ojai (Washakie – Morning Star, Sequoyah, Bacardi)

Oregon (Sacajawea – Bakken, Fiero, Hidatsa, Kemmerer)

So in this group, all 19 horses would have to be removed, leaving 6 of the 12 mares with only one offspring on the range.

Of particular note in the group is Navigator, Custer’s only still wild offspring.  It is very unlikely that this will matter one whit to the BLM, since the EA only cares about the mares representation, and not the stallions.


I would also point out the challenges of taking all three of Greta’s offspring.  Johan is quite the horse, but he lives in the stallion heavy Dryhead, where mares are few and far between and competition is fierce.  The BLM taking even more Dryhead mares will not help this.

Marlene & Orlando
Marlene & Orlando

In the next group we will look at horses whose existing wild lines all fall within the 1-3 year old range.  In this group, the BLM could take all but one offspring per mare on the list.

Horses who have siblings in the 1-3 range

Morgana, Ogalala (Icara)

Montana, Oak (Fresia)

McKeahnie, Naara (Gabrielle)

Miguel, Nomad, Olivia (Halcyon)

Maelstrom, Niobrara, Okomi (Firestorm)

Naolin, Odakota (Graciana)

Navajo, Outlaw (Hopi)

So in this group, 8 horses out of 14 would be removed.   All 7 mares would be left with exactly one offspring left in the wild over the age of one.  That is, they all would go back on PZP.

This brings the total number of horses to 27, the number I listed earlier.  As you can see, removing 27 is extreme.  Too extreme.


The final group of 14 horses are those that have no siblings.  So taking any of them would mean taking that mare’s only offspring from the range.  Hypothetically this would not be allowed, but let’s be real, the BLM does not hesitate to remove a mare’s only-foal.  Remember in 2012 when they said that Gaelic Princess and High Noon were young and would have other foals?  How did that work out for them?  Oh right, they’re being put back on PZP this year despite having no living offspring on the range, something that could have been prevented if the BLM had not taken their first foals.

Horses w/ no Siblings




Morning Dove











Navigator & Morning Dove
Navigator & Morning Dove

So there’s your facts kids.  Now let’s all go forth and raise a big stink.  I mean, sure the BLM never listens and we don’t have any actual power to stop them despite the fact that they hypothetically work for the American people.  And yeah, last time there was a ruckus the BLM doubled the number they planned to remove.  But hey, it’s better than doing nothing and some day it has to work, right?  Maybe someday is today.

McKeahnie & Missoula
McKeahnie & Missoula

And yeah, maybe that is a terrible way to end a blog post.  I’m supposed to be the plucky one in our ragtag band of wild horse lovers, after all.  I guess even the spunky one gets tired now and then.  Taking so many horse would decimate the Pryor herd, especially now that 90% of the mares are going to be kept on PZP at all times.

What is more, what happens to the horses who are removed?  After 2012 does anybody really think that enough people will magically pop out of the woodwork to give 30 horses homes?  And call me selfish, but what does that mean for the White Mountain horses?  If the White Mountain roundup cannot be stopped, is anybody going to even notice while Encore is stuck in the Britton Springs corrals waiting for her day at auction?  I think of Leo’s brother getting removed, our one last bastion of Custer and it kills me.  If that happens, I can’t save him.  I will have to sit back and watch while he heads off to God knows where.  Odds are good that for some of these horses it will be a long ride to a short-term holding pen in another state after they aren’t adopted.

The BLM put their stupid, ridiculous, extreme rules in place by claiming that they were doing it so we would severely reduce the number of removals.  They don’t get to turn around less than a month later and keep on with the same party BS they always pull, wanting to torch to range by taking the last solid foal crops we will ever have.

Except they do.  Because the BLM wrote the rules, and they wrote them specifically so they could pull the fuster cluck.  It’s getting so, so old, my friends.

Ohanzee realizes this is an idiotic idea, so why can't the BLM?
Wait, they want to do what to me?!

Published by Rachel Reeves

I am a photographer who currently lives in the great state of Colorado. I love going out and photographing wild horses in their natural habitat, and look forward to being able to share a glimpse their world with you.

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  1. It is a sad and sorry time for all wild horses. I am hoping to make it to the Pryor Mts. this summer, to see some of the horses my son saw there in 2013, and that are on my Pryor Mts. calendar here at home, but now I fear it will be a trip that will make me cry. I admire all of you who follow the horses and try so hard to protect them. I wonder what it would take to make the BLM change their methods? It seems no one ever really listens or cares. I sign every petition that comes my way. I wrote to one of my state senators and her reply was very disheartening. For every step forward there are ten steps back. I can only hope that something will happen to change the plans of the BLM this time.


    1. Lucy, don’t write once and don’t take ‘no’. Please, write weekly. Be a THORN in your Member’s side or posterior. Put a bumper sticker on your car (I put mine on magnetic material so I can change out or remove). You’d be surprised how many people stop to read them at traffic lights. 😉 Get friends and family to WRITE, to complain. And then find out who is running against your member and who might be more receptive to sharing this earth with wild horses and vote for them. We need to get rid of the ‘old boy network’ if we are going to get anywhere.

    2. Hi Lucy, In order to get the BLM to stop, the fat cat ranchers need to stop whining about not enough forage for their cattle and sheep. But they won’t do that, because A. they pay lobbyists big money to see that the amount of range they can use is extended/enlarged every year. B. they create their own problem by overgrazing every inch of pasture they lease. There are something like 40,000 cattle to a couple hundred mustangs. C. these fat cat ranchers promise kickbacks and perks to the BLM ‘special projects’ – at the expense of our mustangs. D. and a final thought – though not pertaining to the ranchers. Canada is learning that PZP kills wild horses. yes, I said kills. look it up. an article was posted within the last week about this.

      The BLM currently has thousands of wild horses penned in holding areas. Forever. Being rounded up and sent to a holding area equals a life sentence for these horses. and it costs taxpayers millions of dollars to keep them there. year after year after year.

  2. Really excellent post Rachel, thank you so much for breaking this down so we can clearly see the writing on the wall. I am sharing this widely. Beware any agreement or understanding you THINK you have with the BLM – it will come back to bite you when you least expect it.

  3. I so admire your commitment and knowledge of these beautiful creatures. You know every one by name and family of origin. That is amazing. You would think the BLM would benefit by consulting with people like you, who actually know the horses, their habits, families and so forth. I sign every petition that comes my way. I feel helpless to make a difference and heartbroken for what is happening to these wonderful horses. Thank you for all you are doing and I will pray that it will somehow cause a breakthrough in consciousness amongst the BLM and other people in charge. Keep at it, keep up your courage and commitment. There will be a breakthrough for the horses someday and I hope it is soon enough to save them.

  4. This is a terrible loss to our Nations Heritage. These wild horses are a national treasure to our country. It is time for the wild creatures of these reserves are left alone to live their lives naturally.

  5. same story over and over again … we are duped, have no control or say in the matter and are witness to the devastation of our wild horses and their environment by our own government … Rachel, thanks for putting this shame in simple terms so we understand the deception and for caring enough to inform us of the BLM fraud, lies, corruption and inhumanity

    1. If you live near your Congressman/woman’s state office – GO. Go personally. You will initially meet with a staff member. It is not painful. It can be civilized. But GO – NOW. Be polite, explain why you feel it is important to accomodate these wild horses. Write a script and stick to it. The meeting only last about 15 minutes. But when people start showing up in Members offices to complain. THEY LISTEN. Tell them, you felt that their response was unsatisfactory and you want them to know that it is IMPORTANT TO YOU. I can not emphasize enough how important these meeting are. You will get their attention.

  6. This is enough to make anyone sit down and cry.. Is this really the proposal The Cloud Foundation were just celebrating as a victory????

  7. I WANT TO ASK WHY?? why?? W~h~Y?? Does the HATERs OF *our* “MOTHER” *NATURE* {and they KNOW who they ARE} continually MASE Her,DeFace Her,Disgrace Her,When she has Laced,This Base with the love, the spirit, the strength,the Heart,the beauty,{and i could go on} of Her Children of every Race! She has proved her Case time after time,let her Horses

    1. Meet with your Congressman/woman. Find out what Committees they are on. If you preface your meeting with, ‘I know you work on XYZ Committee’….they may squirm and tell you that all decisions are made by ‘Appropriations’ not ‘Environment’….they are going to know you are LOOKING AT THEM AND WHAT THEY DO. If 10 people make 10 appointments and show up to discuss wild horses. This will make them sweat. They will start shifting. If 20 people make appointments to talk about wild horses….you will slowly start turning the head of the giant.

      1. I think your ideas are right on puller9! Please join our FB group People against PZP Wild Horse Roundups. It is a group committed to ACTION, specifically gearing up to fight the Pryor MTN removal plan.


  9. It breaks my heart. We must keep fighting as it’s the only thing. But what is done to these wonderful wild creatures is so wrong. So wrong. Thank you for being there for them. I send you strength and hope xxx

  10. Thank you Rachel. Can you imagine what Congress and the Senate would think if EVERY wild horse advocate met with their staff at their office….instead of sending letters? They are organizing. That is a political ACTION committee. That scares politicians. One meeting folks. That’s where it starts. Take a friend. They don’t have to say anything but nod their head in agreement. Get friends to go. Start with a trickle. Make it a flood. If you don’t see anything changing after a month – two months. Make another appointment. Ask where they are on this? Be polite. Be factual. Be concerned. BE ACTIVE.

  11. Thank you for this excellent information. It should be on TV. Good-by Pryor Mt. wlld horses as they will die off in a few years.
    According to the Karen Sussman’s factual research PZP causes sterility after 5 applications.

  12. This just made me physically sick. Thank you Rachel for outlining this so clearly. I’m too upset right now to write any better comment, but I WILL be doing something, because we have to at least try.

    Out of interest, which mare and foal pair do you suspect may not have shelved? :/

  13. What can we do about this? I’ve written to theWhite House on their form and I’m sure no one reads it. Our country is depressing enough. Everytime you finish reading about one inhumane act that is happening thanks to the government, you read another! They won’t be happy until we lose faith in every agency they have that is supposed to help us. They can’t even wait to turn on humans! I suppose they would like to do the same thing to humans. Round us up, kill us, slaughter us ( in no special order) leave some of us with one offspring. Then they can cut out most of the welfare recipients that the upperclass complains about.
    Why are they doing this to the wild horses? You are telling us that not one of our billionaires can get their buddies together and help out with this beautiful icon of the West? They’re doing even worse things to our dwindling wolf populations. Now people are saying, enough is enough!
    There are so many more who are saying that silently. I hope they will join together to show our government that they really mean it!

  14. Leave the wild horses alone. They are an American icon. There isn’t much left in this country to enjoy, so please leave wild horses where they are. This is cruel and unusual punishment for them…..and for what? They did nothing to you.

  15. Please save these beautiful animals from extinction that you the blm. Are doing to them slowly so that you think we the people that love wildlife don’t see but we do see and we do care stop the nonsence and cruelty of the roundups. Thank you.

  16. this practice has got to stop… These horse canbe controlled by birth control practices rather than roundups. The roundups are cruel and heartbreaking to the herds… This causes much more stress to them and is unnecessary. Please, please, please STOP THIS MADNESS!

    1. Kathy, birth control is not necessary as there is no excess pop. At least 70% of the herds are not genetica
      lly viable . That takes at least 150 breeding age horses. Also roundups have to be done to give PZP anyway and after 5 doses it causes sterility. They need to be left alone and the 22.2 million acres taken from them given back. See info at http://www.ISPMB.org

    2. pls do NOT endorse any pzp fertility its a hsus product and they wont take it bk so blm takes thier word we are fighting against pzp. no slaughter no pzp they DO get rerounded ups again and again while with foul there is a heartbreaking story that i cant bear to watch again horse advocate groups are infighting because they think it sti=ops roundups a big FAT LIE. just do not get us started u have to have the truth. not blm lies!

  17. These horses and the BLM are just a small part of the whole disaster. People need to be ousted out of their jobs as our ‘elected officials’ because the corruption will just continue. The American public needs to snap out of their little fairyland lives and start banding together and clean house! Don’t be silent about it anymore. Wake up, look around you and PAY ATTENTION to what is going on. Your kids and their kids are really going to get the s$;t end of the stick if people don’t stand up. The poor horses are only the beginning. Keep fighting for the horses like you all do. Just know that we all need to fight for ourselves too… Everything that isn’t supposed to be happening, IS HAPPENING, and they are getting away with it. That should tell you something. I hope people will realize before it’s too late.

  18. What has happened to the people in this country?

    You have declared war on all our wildlife. This has to stop. The blm needs to be put down. This is just crazy. Money can buy anyone i guess.
    I have sticker on my truck. “Keep wild horses wild”

  19. Well said! I have wrote to WA State congress woman Patty Murray who assured me I did not know what I was talking about as BLM has the wild horses best interest at heart and their job is all about protecting them. Hmm, not sure what’s in her coffee?

  20. The BLM really needs to answer to their crimes. Their actions against our wild horsed is brutal, barbaric abuse. They are systematically eradicating a proud, cherisbed American icon from our land and won’t stop until the last horse is slaughtered. Special interest groups have had their day. It’s time the government listens to the people’s wants and needs, not just one group. It is time to leave our horses alone, let them live and run safe and free

  21. Rachel, I love it when you “start running your mouth off online.” !
    Getting us all riled up, that’s what you’re best at.
    When YOU get over emotional, I do too.
    Thank you for giving us the facts, plainly & with some feist. The whole thing is quite absurd.
    We’ve really got to get rallying around and change their plan. (And it’s one sickening plan).
    I remember the 2012 gather and auction. It seems too soon to be going through that again. I still think about the look in those horses eyes.
    If they do what you just described, taking away the most special bloodlines, then the specialness will be gone. Then there won’t be anything to left to fight for. That’s how they’re thinking. Right?
    BLM= bureau of livestock & mines.
    If there’s anything I can do to help Rachel, you KNOW I will.
    PS: I’m still working on the date for the showing of the film AMERICAN MUSTANG here in Casper, WY.
    I’ll let you know when it’s solid on the calendar.
    Appreciate you so much!

  22. BLM enough is enough! Leave the horses alone! Stop the madness and work with the wild horse conservation folks and listen to the will of the people!!!! This news makes me sick. We the people and all horse people need to keep fighting this evil!

  23. I don’t know why the BLM has to remove these beautiful wild horses from the wild. They are an American icon & they belong free for all Americans to enjoy. I sign all these petitions & express my wishes but the BLM just does what they want anyway. What do they plan to do with these horses? Will their fate be to go to slaughter? This is criminal!! These horses need to be left alone & the BLM need to protect them Not Remove them!! Please let them alone!! Don’t sell out on these precious treasures!!

  24. Im just going to say this Dave Duquette and Sue Wallis (dead) had all this planned. In case no ones truly thought this through im goingvto just say it. The BLM is proslaughter straight up. Dave Duquette spends alot of energy attempting to provoke anger against the Mustangs. Moving them to slaughter gets Rid of Advocates. Just like slandering and bashing anyone whose horse friendly. Behind the scenes they are pressuring anyone to be against the Mustangs they can Erradication is the ultimate goal. The Aqha has historically been spreading propaganda in its publishing against the Mustangs. They got the ranchers on board to get numbers against Mustangs. In reality this travesty in every state has been planned. To destroy but a handful of horses and Rid the universe of the Advocates with power to stop horse slaughter plants. The Aqha has never been anti slaughter. Its publications over the decades spelled out the disdain for the Mustang. There were even people who wanted rid of the Mustangs to use the land to graze their own aqha horses free of charge. They just want Rid of you the Advocates. Thats the point of the proslaughter anti trust campaign. They want the Country to believe that the Advocates and the Mustangs are along with HSUS taking Rights away. THEY contaminate people to believe that there will be no tomorrow ifv they are not destroyed. IF you dont wake up and realize they really wantvto kill off the Advocates that represent horses and not just the Mustangs then you havent seen it and gotten nearly half as mad As I have been for years. I am angry. I am clearly damn angry. They want to calculatively destroy everything connected to the horses. The fight is just heating up. The extreme animal slaughter supporters need a law stopping their extreme hate tactics. If your mad today…wait because the worst part is coming.

      1. Please add other major animal “advocacy” groups, e.g., Wild Earth Guardians, Defenders of Wildlife to your list since they believe wild horses died out tens of thousands of years ago and what we have are “feral” Spanish horses. I really dislike the word “feral” and it’s a misnomer.

  25. Thanks for this breakdown, Rachel. I visit the southern Wyoming herds a lot and this whole thing at White Mountain is really distressing. I’ll continue to do what I can, but sometimes, like you, I get tired of having to fight for Mother Nature. We shouldn’t have to fight to protect Nature and her wild critters, but it seems we’re fighting more and more.

    It’s not just happening with the wild horses…I see it all over the world. Wild animals everywhere are under ever-increasing pressure due to more and more people needing more and more land and food. Most wild critters have trouble surviving this kind of onslaught, at least with the current way humans do business. Even here in Boulder, Colorado, supposed bastion of environmentalism, the land developers have the upper hand. We have lost the last nesting site of Northern Harriers due to development. Prairie Dog colonies and coyotes are quietly being poisoned at ever-increasing rates. There is some good news in terms of wild critters (the reintroduction of the moose has gone well), but it’s still developers/business vs. Nature in many areas.

    I for one will continue to be a thorn in the sides of anyone who feels that Nature and her critters aren’t worthwhile, whether those critters are horses or caribou or prairie dogs. What “they” forget is that we humans are a part of Nature ourselves. We’re not separate. We are utterly dependent on Nature for our survival, and I hope that we can all work to remind everyone in the BLM and the state governments of this.

  26. Honestly, I have been wondering when the BLM would get back to the Pryor horses! Figured they wouldn’t leave them alone for long. Rachel, great blog – on the good side – Cloud & Pryor Mountain horses are better known than most herds – more people will be aware of this! Believe me, I’m not saying they are more important – just have been brought into the public (by Ginger)!

  27. BLM’s decision to apply a fertility drug to such a large number of the herd’s mares (including the previously PZP’d mares) puts the Pryor Wild Horse Herd in danger of a die-off if any natural or man-made disaster (BLM is the man-made disaster!) struck the herd management area – be it wild fire or an extreme winter or mass predation or any other. As an example, in 2011 there was no population growth. Births equaled deaths—18 births versus 18 deaths. If a majority of the mares are non-reproducing and thus zero or even just a few births, then it is easy to see that the entire herd will be in jeopardy – both genetically and physically – and would diminish their ability to survive into the future. Nature’s “survival of the fittest” will be moot. This beloved Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Herd is being destroyed from within by previous roundups, removals and applications of birth control … and now more jeopardizing of this herd is to be done on top of this by continued massive fertility control and this massive removal. The roundups have continued to remove horses coupled with the use of PZP. Doing this to this small herd has taken these recently thriving wild horses down to a small breeding core and the extensive PZP plan will amplify this management toward extinction. We now have a herd that is not safe on its own range. The horses need to be protected as the law states they will be.

  28. this is public land, why shouldn’t the public have a say so in what happens with our tax money we spend!!! Not to mention the law that’s supposed to protect our Wild Mustangs??

  29. Have no website but I have a question,why can’t they be left alone?They are so beautiful and people are destroying so much already.I pray The Lord steps in on this and helps the helpless animals,we all need to pray!!!

  30. This is an amazing collection of research and unbelievably well documented. You, Rachel, are owed a great debt of gratitude for your work. I will start by: 1) sharing your post on my Facebook page followed by 2) an e-mail campaign to members of Congress from Michigan, where I grew up, Idaho where I reside in the summer and Arizona where I reside in the winter and South Carolina where we own a small condominium. As we get ready to file our 2014 IRS and state income tax, with a subtle reminder I do have the right and responsibility to speak out, I will also send this well-composed, respectful e-mail to the White House comment line, and to the leadership, both majority and minority, in the House and the Senate.

  31. Amen, amen, amen. It is impossible to comprehend what is heinous and the BLM’s treatment of our wild horses is heinous. Despite all odds, despite how many times the plan to destroy our wild horses is reincarnated, we must be tireless and carry on for their sake. God bless you and your work.

  32. in Africa they had animals run free and make me leave alone when can we leave our animals alone 2 all horses run free leave them alone they’re not mean they eat grass they don’t bother nobody leave him alone they’re not mean their general and that’s the word that don’t hurt people leave them alone

  33. To think that I signed the petition supporting the long-term use of PZP on the Pryor Mustangs, thinking that I was doing something good, only for the BLM to turn around and do this?! I didn’t sign up for the government agency to take advantage of the trust we granted them to humanely and legally manage our wild horses. I was freaking doped. Now I’m sick to my stomach.

    Like you, I try my best to suppress my emotions over these issues, but every now and then, we all snap at one point or another. My anger can be summed up in this four second clip:

  34. yes PZP is not a petition to sign in favor of. its so wrong its a huge LIE.perpetrated by our own hsus and money maker they will NOT let go of ive asked them. they have no answer. they want their lush life even if they say they like horses. $$trumps all. shame on them and they are persuaded celebrities to do with that idea and we are trying to inform ppl how horrible it is here all the NO PZP flags and banners just look at it it it supports pzp make sure u delete that and say no to pzp. its a genocidal tool

    o with that idea

  35. Seems to me a few wild horses aren’t a problem. If y’all want to thin out an out of control herd, pick any major city n have at it. D.C. is a good place to start.

  36. No words can explain how wrong this is! Not to mention our future ecosystem..animal cruelty in plain sight..greed ect ect..this is sickning..my taxes Are being spent with blood money.. I thought America was the free and I would have a choice in that?!!!! End this cruel insanity!! Listen for a change and buy a soul Since you certainly have the money off these horses

  37. Thank you for writing this essay. I am a follower of the Wyoming & Montana wild horses, and I don’t like the idea of the planned use, and the continued future use of PZP by our government’s agencies. The public land cattle grazers have become powerful, and their lobbyists have the ear of those legislators who are drafting the regulations that are reducing wild horse/burro numbers.

    The wild horse round-ups have been scheduled for 2014 through 2016 by those with the power to do so at the Dept. of Interior, with end results of wild horse numbers in mind.

    I do not know who these higher-up schedulers are, and I do not know if they are held over from the Bush, Clinton, and Bush Administrations.

    I will try to find out who is responsible for the drafting of these horse removal schedules in the Pryor Mountains, and elsewhere.

  38. Reblogged this on Equine Preservation of North America -EPONA and commented:
    As I predicted in Quid Pro Quo. It begins. For those of you who backed BLM and now feel betrayed, it isn’t as if you were not warned. We saw it coming 10 miles down the road. And sadly, the only ones who lose are the magnificent beings that needed your strength to stand firm against their planned extinction. You failed them, failed their families but more importantly, trusted a government agency that NEVER deserved it.

  39. Reblogged this on horsetalk1270 and commented:
    Rachel sums this up succinctly. Please take a moment to read her blog and take action for the horses. This is an incredibly disappointing plan from the BLM and would decimate this herd. I never dreamed they would do something this drastic in the wake of the last removal and the proposed intensified PZP plan.

  40. The ONLY things that will ComeOut right now are: “ “ TEARS “ “ ! 0ne look at Meriwether, very last, (and óh so dainty), of the Great dame * Madonna * –and I had already totally LOST it–{I’ve always called her “Tulip“ for her blaze /race, since her 1st day of life}. most of the Rest were so blurry; I will need to RE-READ, several times. .. further coMMents are currently Broiling!!! But first, I want to THANK yoU, Rachel ! ! For bringing this to us, in such a Deadly Detailed description ~ I suspect that many others are still attempting to Find-some-Words ? OR beating their heads against the wall. . ?

  41. know who cares about wild horses & burros. Please take an hour to listen. The show will be archived.

    The BLM will be presenting plans for sterilization of wild horses at its upcoming National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting, the BLM is planning to roundup 30 mares out of about 120 total wild horses (not even a viable herd) left on the Pryors. Carol will be reporting on the many Wyoming wild horses that died after the recent roundup and were sold as sale authority (to slaughter). Things are getting more grim by the minute for wild horses & burros.


  42. Is there anything to prevent a person from buying one of the horses at auction and then releasing them back to the area they came from?

  43. I’m wondering aloud here, but if so many are blatantly violating law (cruelty, transport, you name it) … why can’t all of us do the same ? Why can’t we, as owners of this land and these animals, step in with our own brand of advocacy. That of actually letting these animals free. That is exactly what Wild Horse Annie did.

    1. Yes, that’s what Annie did and if I remember it was at night. Also the BLM would just use helicopters and round them back up..

    1. The AML for White Mountain is 205-300. I would estimate their numbers to be around 240-260. I cannot give an exact number because I’ve only been able to locare and actively document 75% of the herd. It is a tough area to get around in, so some of them keep alluding me!

  44. I just wish they would leave these poor horses alone. They deserve freedom and nobody should take that away.

  45. Yesterday I received a cover letter & copy of EA regarding the Pryor horses – sent certified return request!!!! Apparently, they will answer an actual letter – sometimes. Unfortunately, as usual they are doing their Finding of No Significant Impact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me, how far will they go before it actually IS too far?

  46. Invaluable article ! I Appreciate the analysis – Does anyone know if my assistant could obtain a blank BLM 3809-5 document to complete ?

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