Goonies Never Say Die!

I always have a mental checklist in my head when going to White Mountain.  Documenting a herd of horses is not any more difficult than going places that I do not actively document, but it does put a slightly different slant on how I spend my days in the herd.  In other herds my list consists of:

  • Find horses
  • Try not to get myself killed

My checklist for White Mountain this past weekend looked a little more like this:

  • Find Fibonacci & see what stallion she ended up with
  • Check in on Gladiator
  • See if Kerosene survived the winter (spoiler alert: she totally did and looks fabulous)
  • Explore new 2 tracks in the North
  • Try not to get myself killed


Saturday morning dawned cloudy and gray, but filled with promise.  As my friend and I drove along getting a feel for where the horses may be, a fuzzy black shape appeared right off the road in front of us.  Check off the first on my list!  Fibonacci is the only black horse who stays so far South, so it had to be her. But the band Fibonacci had joined was obscured by the hill.


After a simply agonizing and suspenseful wait of… oh, fifteen seconds or so, I had my answer.


Oh snap!


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