You Can Lead a BLM Employee to Water, but Can’t Make Them Not Be a Jerk Face

I’ve kept pretty quiet about the matter of providing shelter to captive wild horse horses kept in short-term holding faculties.  It’s not that I don’t care – quite the opposite in fact.  There are so many eloquent people out there with betters ways of organizing their thoughts, and a larger audience than I could ever dream of having. It seemed like there really wasn’t much I could add to the subject.

Well that’s all over now.  News broke over the quest to put up wind breaks at the holding facility in Rock Springs.  Bad news. Now I have feelings, and darn it, those feelings will not fester in Facebook comments.

At the time this photograph was taken, the temperature was 22 F out with winds gusting at 42 mph

An older mare acts as a windbreak for a younger mare. At the time this photograph was taken, it was 23 F and wind speeds were at 42 mph.

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