Young Blood

Finding wild horses can be tough. Consider this: in Sand Wash Basin there are a little more than 250 horses on about 160,000 square acres. In White Mountain and Little Colorado there might be 300 horses left post-roundup (if we’re very, very lucky) on almost a million acres. It’s challenging, but not impossible. With a good vehicle, advice from friends/locals,Continue reading “Young Blood”

Some Stewards…

I was going to spend a little more time on my blog focusing on the positive before getting into the more heavy topics concerning what few wild horses are left on the range. Life apparently has other plans. This weekend a foal was euthanized (read: shot) at Sand Wash Basin. Think that’s upsetting? Read on.Continue reading “Some Stewards…”

Young Love in the Springtime Air, or, Could Voodoo and Streaker Be More Adorable?

Stop the presses, Streaker had her baby! Streaker, you see, it absolutely adorable. Put a baby at her side, and now we have a giant bundle of cute intense enough to start a nuclear reaction that unleashes a wave of flowers and cotton candy.

Mighty Tripod

What a fabulous weekend in Sand Wash Basin! None of my photographs came out very well, but I was having too much fun to bring myself to care. But where my camera skills failed, the memories remain. So I am going to share the horses stories with you. I thought about going in chronological order, butContinue reading “Mighty Tripod”