Stop! Hammer Time

As the Mayan Apocalypse steadily approaches, I can go to my doom with the peace of knowing that I finally found an excuse to reference MC Hammer in my blog. It was the little things that made this life so wonderful.

Earlier today I was trying to blog at work. It was a little like pulling teeth. (In the off chance one of my bosses stumbles onto my blog: just kidding! I was slavishly working over all the super important tasks you graciously put on my plate)

Thankfully, where I fail Bandit pulls through! What a fantastic pony! Bandt is many things. Rarely is he useful. A list of adjectives describing Bandit includes: nuissance, trouble, obnoxious, irritating…

bandit head

I’ve said all this before on this blog, of course. It’s time for a proper example of what life with Bandit is really like.

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Halters & Lady Problems

My goodness! I love ya but I really wasn’t planning on blogging tonight. It’s a bit difficult to focus with all of this horrible news about the storm decimating the northeast. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by the storms, human and animal alike.

Truth be told, these Breeze and Leo posts are the hardest to write. I think it is because it’s hard for me to not take them seriously. Not to mention there is a sense of pressure. I feel bad coming on here week after week, only to say “Well, Breeze has a long way to go.” I want to get back to goofy slice of life blogs. With that said, I’ve also been fighting against the urge to write up a political blog which makes my bi-polar though process a failure no matter how you look at it.

No me! I’ll let you pet my nose. Me! LOOK AT ME!!!

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Kids Update: 10/21

This seems like a good time for a kids update.

Both of the mesteños are doing quite well. Technically, all four are okay, but let’s be honest, no one reading this really cares about Bandit or Ziggy. Dad & I have been experimenting. I highly recommend experimentation; it’s fun!

For a week the kids were separated in the two pens, with Ziggy trapped outside in the pasture day and night. As one can imagine, Ziggy was terribly upset by this development. Poor baby.

Separating them helped with Breeze’s progress, but did not do much for Leo. So yesterday Ziggy was once again forced into service as Leo’s babysitter. It went spectacularly at first. Then I left, and returned half an hour later to find Ziggy chasing Leo in all different directions. It’s a bad habit Ziggy has never quite gotten over. He doesn’t bite or kick his fellow horses, but he loves chasing them around to point out who’s the boss.

Big brother Ziggy

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The Kiddos

I intend to write a proper blog post about Dad and my experience last weekend at the Pryor adoption at a later time. Right now, however, I’m really tired and looking forward to going to bed early. To quickly catch everyone up to speed: Dad felt he should have spent more time researching before the adoption, I had a minor freak out during the first round, and then we adopted Breeze and Leo, respectively.

Got the gist? Good. Here’s a quick update:

It took about ten hours to get from the Britton Springs Corrals to the kiddo’s new home. It was a long journey for horse and human alike, but it was particularly difficult for Breeze. It broke my heart to see her so upset as she huddled in the back of the trailer, seeking comfort from Leo. I’m not sure how useful Leo was in that respect – he spent the trip relatively unconcerned overall. He was a little busy eating.

It probably also helped that he was too short to see all the scenery passing by – no matter how much he craned his little midgit neck, only the tips of his ears were ever visible.



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Brave Sir Ziggy -or- Bay Is More Than Just Okay

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Mustang named Brave Sir Ziggy. Brave Sir Ziggy was loved and adored for his kindly ways and his rock solid courage. You see, he was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways. Oh Brave Sir Ziggy!*

Brave Sir Ziggy laughs at the evil ner-do-wells that surround him!

One day Brave Sir Ziggy was steadfastly watching for potential enemies who might threaten his castle and all who lived there. He most defintely was not standing around letting his peasant clean out his hooves because that is just not what heroes do. Suddenly out of nowhere an invisible, horse-eating monster appeared in a terrifying and non-visible fashion! Oh how dreadful!

Oh no! Watch out behind you, Noble Sir!

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