Stop! Hammer Time

As the Mayan Apocalypse steadily approaches, I can go to my doom with the peace of knowing that I finally found an excuse to reference MC Hammer in my blog. It was the little things that made this life so wonderful. Earlier today I was trying to blog at work. It was a little like pulling teeth.Continue reading “Stop! Hammer Time”

Halters & Lady Problems

My goodness! I love ya but I really wasn’t planning on blogging tonight. It’s a bit difficult to focus with all of this horrible news about the storm decimating the northeast. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by the storms, human and animal alike. Truth be told, these Breeze and Leo postsContinue reading “Halters & Lady Problems”

Kids Update: 10/21

This seems like a good time for a kids update. Both of the mesteños are doing quite well. Technically, all four are okay, but let’s be honest, no one reading this really cares about Bandit or Ziggy. Dad & I have been experimenting. I highly recommend experimentation; it’s fun! For a week the kids wereContinue reading “Kids Update: 10/21”

Brave Sir Ziggy -or- Bay Is More Than Just Okay

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Mustang named Brave Sir Ziggy. Brave Sir Ziggy was loved and adored for his kindly ways and his rock solid courage. You see, he was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways. Oh Brave Sir Ziggy!* One day Brave Sir Ziggy was steadfastly watching for potential enemiesContinue reading “Brave Sir Ziggy -or- Bay Is More Than Just Okay”