The Untying of the Knot

It’s hard out there for a pimp.


Or so I am told.  I don’t have very much experience with the pimping business, and can only go off of second hand knowledge gleaned from the music that my little brother listened to a decade ago.


Now as the song goes on, it blames {ladies} for jumping ship.  Okay, the song does not actually use the word ladies, and all ladies regardless of their career path deserve to treated with dignity and respect .  So you probably should not look the song up.


Jackson’s mares did not jump ship.  After a tough winter which left Jackson beat up and thin, he did not have the strength to keep everyone together.  His band was broken up, with mares ending up all over the place.  That did not last long.  The mares were devoted enough to one another that they still ended up back with one another, even without Jackson.


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Lifestyles of the Young & the Restless

Isadora is not a happy camper.  Or a camper at all, really.  Those child bearing hips of hers would have a heck of a time fitting into a tent, and zipping up a sleeping bag around all four legs would be challenging endeavor to say the least.


Our story begins on a windy Sunday morning.  It actually has been going on for weeks now, but I cannot speak to events I have not seen.  Flint’s band appeared through the binoculars, merrily grazing their way across the meadow with a level of intensity that only a hungry horse who has made it through a Pryor winter can appreciate.



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To Be or Not To Be

I am never sure how to write about the Pryor horses.  When I go to a place like White Mountain, I can easily sit on a developing story for a few months to see what happens.  That way when I do go to write, I can have a direction to go.  That is part of the fun of spending so much time with a relatively unknown herd.

The Pryors is a little different.  There are so many other excellent sources of information, all of whom visit the horses much more often than I am able to do.  If writing about White Mountain is giving an exhibition piece, then writing about the Pryors is more like a celebrity gossip rag.  I just want to get all my readers together in person at some tastefully decorated coffee shop and spend the next two hours sipping on some fancy sugary drink and dishing out who Audubon has been spotted with recently and OMG Isadora and Flint are so going to be splitting up.  (She’s too good for him anyway)

Bacardi and Topper Too are turning into the ultimate frenemies. Minus the friend part. The drama!

Bacardi and Topper Too are still frienemies of epic proportinos. Minus the friend part.


So with that in mind, I think I will dish out the steamiest news on the bands that were spotted in no particular order.  If you have any specific requests for who you want dirt on next, please let me know in the comments.  Now keep in mind that most of the Dryhead horses were inaccessible via pickup truck, I did not get to hang out with Casper, and the M bachelors were hiding.  Everyone else is fair game, though.


Santa Fe does not actualy make an appearance in this story.  But doesn't his handsome face make you want to read on?

Santa Fe does not actualy make an appearance in this story. But doesn’t his handsome face make you want to read on?

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Strike Out

Writing about wild horses isn’t not always easy.  To see me in front of a computer, you’d think that someone was getting ready to pull all my teeth out with a rusty old pair of pliers.  No matter how much of their society I may think that I understand, they are a very different animal from humans.


Things that wild horses consider perfectly normal and acceptable is not always easy to stomach.  Because while I may infinitely prefer the company of wild horses to that of humans, the reality is that I am not a wild horse.  They have to survive the harsh winter with its knee deep snow and summer droughts where finding water is the difference between life and death.  Wild horse behavior that makes me uncomfortable is a necessity to survival for them.




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