Halters & Lady Problems

My goodness! I love ya but I really wasn’t planning on blogging tonight. It’s a bit difficult to focus with all of this horrible news about the storm decimating the northeast. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by the storms, human and animal alike.

Truth be told, these Breeze and Leo posts are the hardest to write. I think it is because it’s hard for me to not take them seriously. Not to mention there is a sense of pressure. I feel bad coming on here week after week, only to say “Well, Breeze has a long way to go.” I want to get back to goofy slice of life blogs. With that said, I’ve also been fighting against the urge to write up a political blog which makes my bi-polar though process a failure no matter how you look at it.

No me! I’ll let you pet my nose. Me! LOOK AT ME!!!

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Kids Update: 10/21

This seems like a good time for a kids update.

Both of the mesteños are doing quite well. Technically, all four are okay, but let’s be honest, no one reading this really cares about Bandit or Ziggy. Dad & I have been experimenting. I highly recommend experimentation; it’s fun!

For a week the kids were separated in the two pens, with Ziggy trapped outside in the pasture day and night. As one can imagine, Ziggy was terribly upset by this development. Poor baby.

Separating them helped with Breeze’s progress, but did not do much for Leo. So yesterday Ziggy was once again forced into service as Leo’s babysitter. It went spectacularly at first. Then I left, and returned half an hour later to find Ziggy chasing Leo in all different directions. It’s a bad habit Ziggy has never quite gotten over. He doesn’t bite or kick his fellow horses, but he loves chasing them around to point out who’s the boss.

Big brother Ziggy

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Now What?

Boy has it been a while since I’ve written anything. Blame the kids! Well, no, don’t blame them as they continue to be too adorable. Some recent news is weighing heavily on my mind and completely derailed what I was originally planning to blog out this evening, but I’ll still start with some housekeeping.

Breeze and Leo are both fantastic. Breeze has really settled down and though she is still wary, she is consistently coming up and allowing Dad and I to rub her head. Her favorite activities include eating, bossing Leo around, trying to boss Ziggy through the fence, and demanding Leo itch her butt. Now that her walls are falling down, I suspect she will start to progress very quickly.

Leo has proven to be more challenging in some ways. He is very sweet-natured but has trouble retaining what he has learned from one day to another, which is to say that we have to start from square-one every day. On the bright side, he remembers a little quicker each time, so there certainly is progress.

I will try to get new pictures up of the kids soon. I have a few cell phone pics but am otherwise too busy playing to photograph.

I also would like to thank everyone so much for the well wishes. I did get the job that I interviewed for. Hooray! I know it’s completely unrelated to everything else and a bit boring, but soon I’ll be back to getting off at 2:30. Holler! Getting off early makes a huge difference in the winter, and I am desperate to get away from this 8-5 nonsense. People who like that kind of thing are crazy!

Onwards and upwards!

When I woke up this morning, my plan was to write about bachelors like Euler up there. It was going to be short but sassy. Then I got stuck in a traffic jam on the way home and found myself with nothing better to do than check facebook. This led to discover the latest news coming down the pipeline.

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