Ender’s Game

I thought my last topic would lend itself to talking a bit more about Heaven’s temporary 2012 buddy, Ender. And yes, I may have named Ender with the hope of one day having an excuse to write a blog post titled ‘Ender’s Game’.  I apologize for nothing.

Ender lives in interesting times.  Regrettably, that is very much a curse.  In 2010 and 2011, Ender was a thorn in the side of a powerful bay band stallion.  It was hard to say whether Ender would be successful.  He had the determination, but he also took some pretty bad licks.



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All This and Heaven Too

Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s been kind of a rough year.  That might explain why I have yet to post a fun write up in my blog this year.  Every time I have sat at the computer and tried to write something, the words just won’t come out.  I think it’s because of my grandpa.

Grampa was my rock.  He was also the only person in my family who was interested in my “hobby”.  Every time I came to visit, Grampa would want to know how the colt with the hurt foot (Flint) was getting on or if that crabby old horse (Gladiator) had won a mare yet.  Not having someone to spin my tales to in person has taken the wind of out my sails a little.


But if ever there was a time to not be mopey, it would be today.  So let’s talk about Heaven, shall we?

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