Stop! Hammer Time

As the Mayan Apocalypse steadily approaches, I can go to my doom with the peace of knowing that I finally found an excuse to reference MC Hammer in my blog. It was the little things that made this life so wonderful.

Earlier today I was trying to blog at work. It was a little like pulling teeth. (In the off chance one of my bosses stumbles onto my blog: just kidding! I was slavishly working over all the super important tasks you graciously put on my plate)

Thankfully, where I fail Bandit pulls through! What a fantastic pony! Bandt is many things. Rarely is he useful. A list of adjectives describing Bandit includes: nuissance, trouble, obnoxious, irritating…

bandit head

I’ve said all this before on this blog, of course. It’s time for a proper example of what life with Bandit is really like.

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