A Cougar Amongst Them

There is no male equivalent for the word “cougar”.  The kind of cougar I’m talking about is a euphemism used for an older woman who enjoys spending time with younger males. Tonopah in the Pryor Mountains, would be an example of a proper cougar. At 27 years old, she took off from Duke, a stable & well-established band stallion, in favor of hanging out with the youngest band stallion duo on the mountain – He Who & Fiddle.  Tonopah has not been spotted this winter and may well have passed from old age.  If that is the case, and this past summer was one last hurrah for her then man, what a way to go!  Talk about a great role model for all the ladies.

Tonopah, a cougar in her natural habitat

Tonopah, a cougar in her natural habitat

When an old female sows some oats, it’s empowering.  When an older man preys on the young, he’s generally considered a creeper and the young female a gold digger.  It doesn’t really seem fair.  Why can’t older males be like… mountain lions or something?


Bet that title had you concerned we were talking about a real cougar. Nope. Just Fuego.

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As the Mustang Roams

Question: What lies at the heart of every single scene in a soap opera?

Answer: What are you Rachel, an idgit? Love!

But it isn’t exactly love, is it? It’s more like romance.  There is a big difference between the two.  Love is a concept: that timeless, eternal state of emotion you feel towards an individual that you will never be able to rid yourself of no matter how obnoxious, terrible, or infuriating the object of affection may be.  Romance, on the other hand, is the trappings that surround a species biological imperative to reproduce.

And my friends and coworkers think I’m an odd duckling who doesn’t understand how fun and exciting life is. To them I say: Ha!

At the heart of today’s not-quite-Valentines-Day post, we have two major players: Aurora and Flax.  Neither is in love.  Both feel the need to follow wild horse societal norms and to make babies.





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Ender’s Game

I thought my last topic would lend itself to talking a bit more about Heaven’s temporary 2012 buddy, Ender. And yes, I may have named Ender with the hope of one day having an excuse to write a blog post titled ‘Ender’s Game’.  I apologize for nothing.

Ender lives in interesting times.  Regrettably, that is very much a curse.  In 2010 and 2011, Ender was a thorn in the side of a powerful bay band stallion.  It was hard to say whether Ender would be successful.  He had the determination, but he also took some pretty bad licks.



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All This and Heaven Too

Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s been kind of a rough year.  That might explain why I have yet to post a fun write up in my blog this year.  Every time I have sat at the computer and tried to write something, the words just won’t come out.  I think it’s because of my grandpa.

Grampa was my rock.  He was also the only person in my family who was interested in my “hobby”.  Every time I came to visit, Grampa would want to know how the colt with the hurt foot (Flint) was getting on or if that crabby old horse (Gladiator) had won a mare yet.  Not having someone to spin my tales to in person has taken the wind of out my sails a little.


But if ever there was a time to not be mopey, it would be today.  So let’s talk about Heaven, shall we?

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I Got 99 Problems (But A Mare Ain’t One)

Finally! Inspiration! Earlier today I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite authors, Hilari Bell. I like her stories so well that I cannot bring myself to be even a little ashamed of openly admitting how much I love Young Adult novels. Hey, I can’t spend all my time reading nothing but America’s Last Wild Horses or The Wild Horse Conspiracy, people! I would end up in a perpetual cycle of crying, drowning my sadness in ice cream, gaining 100 pounds, feeling really guilty and trying a fad diet that would work for a while but ultimately fail, and repeat. Actually, I think I would be okay with all that but it might make it harder for me to have enough energy to spend as much time with the wild ones.

Anyway, after a lovely conversation, I finally felt like I got my groove back to write something other than a quick Breeze & Whatever-the-heck-I’m-Gonna-Name-Him update. Let’s hope I can get through this before giving up and digging into a book.

Wait. What was I going to talk about? Oh yeah. Bachelors.

Everyone loves bachelor stallions. What is it about bachelors that is so fantastic? It’s pretty simple: they are just too darn fun to hang out with. It’s like being in a frat house. Everytime is party time.

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