Working With Such Vigor, All I See Is A Grave Digger

The White Mountain roundup has started and I have to be honest with you all, I’m a bit of a mess. Not being there to observe, to grieve with these horses that mean so much to me as they are losing everything just hurts. My heart aches, my gut churns, and my fingers turn toContinue reading “Working With Such Vigor, All I See Is A Grave Digger”

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn… Maybe One More Revolution, Just To Be Safe

If I am being brutally honest with you, it’s been harder than usual to find things to be thankful about this year. My Gramma died. I’ve had a probe and biopsies taken 6 (soon to be 7) times since May to figure out which food is killing me. My cats aren’t allowed in my bedroomContinue reading “To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn… Maybe One More Revolution, Just To Be Safe”

In Which Lauryn Has Magic Powers

Hi!  I’m not-even-a-little psychic photographer Rachel Reeves and this is my partner, Wendy Cloudcakes.  Enjoy! Hi, everyone! I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long time, but I finally sat down long enough to actually type something. I met the author of this earnest – albeit sometimes sardonic – blog six years ago,Continue reading “In Which Lauryn Has Magic Powers”

White Mountain Roundup & Spaying Scoping – The More You Know

Well, the day I have been dreading for over 3 ½ years has finally arrived.  I suppose I should be thankful they waited so long instead of having it show up in August, but really, I would have been perfectly fine waiting forever only to have it never show up. What am I talking about? Continue reading “White Mountain Roundup & Spaying Scoping – The More You Know”

Standing Bear Has Five Moms (And That’s Okay)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Or to anyone who lives outside of the United States and/or does not celebrate the holiday, happy random Thursday in November! This is a story about Standing Bear & Ariadne – two very different youngsters.  Their territories are miles away from each other, yet they are still part of the same herd.

The Quest for Gladiator

Man that title sounds really over dramatic.  Unfortunately, I went on a pun-filled Cream binge earlier today (the band, not the dairy product though I had some of that too) and consequently used up my allotted number of song references. Sorry, not sorry. I like to think that Gladiator stays on the top of myContinue reading “The Quest for Gladiator”