Stop Frontin’, You’re Just a Puppet

I don’t want to shock anyone, but I am a giant flake.  I completely forgot to get part 1 of my Advisory Board feelings up.  So now I am at work with zero new photos to put in here, but in our 24 hour news cycle, the Advisory Board is already old news so I can’tContinue reading “Stop Frontin’, You’re Just a Puppet”

You Can Lead a BLM Employee to Water, but Can’t Make Them Not Be a Jerk Face

I’ve kept pretty quiet about the matter of providing shelter to captive wild horse horses kept in short-term holding faculties.  It’s not that I don’t care – quite the opposite in fact.  There are so many eloquent people out there with betters ways of organizing their thoughts, and a larger audience than I could everContinue reading “You Can Lead a BLM Employee to Water, but Can’t Make Them Not Be a Jerk Face”

Paint By Numbers

Earlier today I sent an email outlining why wild horse advocates such as myself have a difficult time believing the BLM’s population estimates. It didn’t turnout half bad, all things considered, so I figured heck, I may as well post it here too. As some of you may have noticed, I have grown quite familiarContinue reading “Paint By Numbers”

A Cougar Amongst Them

There is no male equivalent for the word “cougar”.  The kind of cougar I’m talking about is a euphemism used for an older woman who enjoys spending time with younger males. Tonopah in the Pryor Mountains, would be an example of a proper cougar. At 27 years old, she took off from Duke, a stable & well-establishedContinue reading “A Cougar Amongst Them”

As the Mustang Roams

Question: What lies at the heart of every single scene in a soap opera? Answer: What are you Rachel, an idgit? Love! But it isn’t exactly love, is it? It’s more like romance.  There is a big difference between the two.  Love is a concept: that timeless, eternal state of emotion you feel towards anContinue reading “As the Mustang Roams”

That Thou Canst Never Once Reflect

Ah New Years Eve.  I think it’s supposed to be a time for partying.  Or possibly reflection.  Or reflecting while partying.  Me? I’m watching Blackfish.  Netflix recommended it, and it frightens me how well a computer knows my weaknesses. Last New Year’s Eve I talked about foals.  I thought it might be fun to doContinue reading “That Thou Canst Never Once Reflect”

Ender’s Game

I thought my last topic would lend itself to talking a bit more about Heaven’s temporary 2012 buddy, Ender. And yes, I may have named Ender with the hope of one day having an excuse to write a blog post titled ‘Ender’s Game’.  I apologize for nothing. Ender lives in interesting times.  Regrettably, that is veryContinue reading “Ender’s Game”

All This and Heaven Too

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s been kind of a rough year.  That might explain why I have yet to post a fun write up in my blog this year.  Every time I have sat at the computer and tried to write something, the words just won’t come out.  I think it’s because of my grandpa. GrampaContinue reading “All This and Heaven Too”

A Time to Give Thanks?

Thanksgiving is finally here. It’s always been my favorite holiday. I love spending time with my family thinking on how blessed I am. But as a wild horse advocate, it feels like there is little to be thankful for this year.The Cloud Foundation lost their lawsuit to tear down that eyesore of a Forest Service fence.Continue reading “A Time to Give Thanks?”