Quick and Semi-Dull Update

So I’m working on a proper blog post and uploading photos for it as I type this.  But I wanted to take a separate post to say wow you guys.  Just… wow.  As of Wednesday afternoon, your purchases through my Etsy shop have all helped to raise nearly $700 for The Cloud Foundation. I don’t exactly know what I expected when I decided to hold an impromptu lawsuit fundraising fire sale, but I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

And that is not counting the $180 from my Divide Basin canvas print or the lovely gal from Texas who donated to The Cloud Foundation directly.  Thank you so much for opening up your hearts (and wallets) to help the fight to save the beloved Adobe Town, Divide Basin, and Salt Wells horse herds.  Trust me, they are worth it.


You can read more of the current updates in the press release found here.  The BLM has agreed to delay the roundup for two weeks so the judge can have time to rule on the lawsuit that was brought.  This is a promising start!  Keep praying/thinking good thoughts that the advocates lawyers with Meyer Glitzenstein  & Crystal bring a strong argument and that the judge will rule in favor of upholding the law and doing what is right for the wild horses.


And while we are not talking directly about the horses, here’s a little story to help you feel like you’re right along for the ride:

My friend and I climbed out of Maggie the Mustang Mobile with no small trepidation and a few cuss words.  Well that was stupid.


A few minutes previously we had been in a similar position, staring at a draw before declaring that Maggie can totally handle it.  Well, she couldn’t.  And now the left rear tire was a foot off the ground with her front end buried in sand.  Oops.  But on the bright side, when someone sat in the trunk, then the right front wheel also went off the ground, leaving Maggie with only two wheels left on the ground.  How cool is that?!

It looks so innocent
It looks so innocent

After more cursing, some digging, and creative use of a wood block, we got Maggie unstuck. Phew!  Except wait a minute… there was no way she was going to make it over the next draw a hundred feet ahead.  Which meant we had to turn right back around… uh oh.

More cursing and a lot of digging to try to level the draw better and we were ready to try it again.  The first try failed.  So did the second and third.  But the fourth try… oh the fourth try.  Sure the engine stalled out twice on the way up and it was a near thing, but dang it, we made it out!



The moral of this brief story?  There is actually two:

  1. Don’t be an idiot (remember this is a do as I say and not as I do)
  2. Be prepared.  I’m not exactly a boy scout, but a collapsible shovel and a block of wood did make things easier.

Was the search for wild horses worth the damage done to Maggie and the sweat involved with digging ourselves out of a literal hole?  Well, we found Vesper and Crow so … Totally worth it!

Left to Right: Vesper, new stallion, Crow
Left to Right: Vesper, new stallion, Crow
In case anyone was wondering why I chose a camera instead of a paintbrush...
In case anyone was wondering why I chose to pick up a camera instead of a paintbrush…

Published by Rachel Reeves

I am a photographer who currently lives in the great state of Colorado. I love going out and photographing wild horses in their natural habitat, and look forward to being able to share a glimpse their world with you.

6 thoughts on “Quick and Semi-Dull Update

  1. Glad you made it out of the draw safely!! Yes, a big shovel and wooden block is a great idea!! Your photos are beautiful, as always. Dragon is a beauty!!!! Stay safe and thank you for all you do!!!

  2. Great photos! Who does Verity belong to? Dragon is fabulous, as is Octavius. Love the rest of the gang. Ahhh, Maggie will be a seasoned Mustang mobile.

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