The Red Desert Lawsuit Sale!

Quick housekeeping: Lauryn & I are going to White Mountain this weekend to celebrate my slow descent towards senility and osteoporosis, so hopefully I will come back with some inspiration and new blog fodder. I know I have been distracted and done a very poor job updating the blog through July. I am deeply sorry and will try my best to find the time to make it up to everyone this August.

And now… to the pitch!

Feeling Bolder 8x10 CPR low
Feeling Bolder?

So I have this problem.  I am currently tapped out.

Of money, that is.

Okay not really.  I still have enough money in my bank account to buy hay tomorrow (the boys have exacting standards) and Runza on my birthday, but I’m past what I can feasibly donate to The Lawsuit.  And by “The Lawsuit” I mean the litigation to try to stop the Adobe Town, Divide Basin, and Salt Wells roundups that are supposed to start later this month.  You can donate here, but you may wish to finish reading my post before you hop on over there.

So as I said, I’ve donated what I can to The Cloud Foundation to help fund the lawsuit to stop the roundup and ultimate destruction of the Adobe Town, Divide Basin, and Salt Wells herds.  But it is one of those things where it still doesn’t feel like quite enough, you know?

Like a hazy dream laced with coffee beans and unicorns dancing on rainbows, the answer to my dilemma dawned on me while staring at the clock at work, half buried in paperwork and moving way too slow. I’m out of money, but that doesn’t mean I’m out of capital.  Not entirely, at least.



I don’t actively sell my artwork all that often (read: pretty much never). There are a few reasons for this:

1. I don’t have time.

2. It requires lots of effort that could be spent playing with my horses.

3. I’m a terrible salesperson.

4. Did I mention it requires effort?


Because of my laziness busy life, I do have some 8 x 10 fine art photos just sitting around in a lovely, dust-free container.  They aren’t doing me any good at the moment just sitting in a box feeling unloved.  However, I have the distinct impression that they would look fantastic on your wall.

Corona 8x10 cpr

Bobby and Maybell 8x10 CPR low
Two Corona Siblings at the Water Hole

Or dresser…  Bookshelf…  Refrigerator.  Whatever shears your sheep.

So to that end, I have filled up my humble little Etsy shop with the photos I have on hand that are ready to be shipped.  I have multiple 8 x 10 unmatted prints that are available in limited quantities for $30 each (plus $5 shipping and handling).

We both know that you were already going to donate to TCF, but why not get something cool for yourself out of the deal, am I right?  (Sidenote: If you have already donated to TCF’s Legal Fund for the lawsuit and are interested in a print, then please send me an email and I’ll see what we can work out)


The Spook 8x10 cpr low
The Spook

If you will allow me to have a telemarketer moment, once I am out of a photo, then it is gone.  So you won’t want to miss out!

The Gladiator 8x10 CPR low
The Gladiator

100% of the proceeds for all 8×10 photos sold will go to The Cloud Foundation’s Mustang Legal Fund.  In other words, all $30 are going straight to TCF so they can put that towards the litigation to save the Red Desert herds.

(Okay there is one tiny exception. I have a 16×24 gallery wrap where TCF only gets 60% because those things are so darned expensive to print)

Quicksilver Floats 8x10 cpr low


But wait, there’s more (she says with a raised eyebrow and an exasperated sigh because yes, she really went there and she is ashamed of that fact)

I currently have three pieces hanging in the Cottonwood Gallery in Colorado Springs as part of the Celebration of Wild Horses Art Exhibit.  These pieces may be purchased by contacting Darlene at the Cottonwood Gallery from 10-3 MST at telephone number 719-520-3283.

Nomad. 30 x 20 Canvas Gallery Wrap. $350 ($280 goes to TCF)
Nomad. 30″ x 20″ Canvas Gallery Wrap. $350 ($280 goes to TCF)
Spartan. Who is technically Flax but Spartan makes a better name for a photo. Anyway, 16" x 24" Gallery Wrap. $225 ($180 goes to TCF)
Spartan. 16″ x 24″ Gallery Wrap. $225 ($180 goes to TCF) Technically this is Flax, but Spartan is a cooler name for a photo
Great Divide Basin. 20" x 8" Canvas Gallery Wrap. This has already sold, but you may order your own through the gallery for $225. (TCF will receive $120 for any additional prints. The difference in cost is for my cost to have another one printed, so the profit will still be solely going to TCF)
Great Divide Basin. 20″ x 8″ Canvas Gallery Wrap. $225 The image hanging in the Cottonwood Gallery has already sold, but you may still order your own through the gallery. TCF will receive $120 for any additional gallery wraps ordered. The difference in cost between this vs. Spartan is my cost to have another gallery wrap made

And finally, if you have always wanted a print of mine that is not listed on Etsy under my ‘Red Desert Sale’ section, please contact me and I will see what I can do.  From now until August 18th, 60% of any other photos purchased will be donated to The Cloud Foundation’s Mustang Legal Fund. The downside is that 40% has to go to pay for the printing, rather than TCF getting the full $30, but the wild horses will still benefit.

Cloud Rears 8x10
This would be an example of a newer photo I do not have in-stock. It’s okay, but… you know you’d rather have one of the above photos to maximize what gets donated to TCF. Or not. I won’t judge you either way.

If none of the photos I am offering on Etsy look appealing, you can always still just flat out donate to TCF by following this link. 🙂

Published by Rachel Reeves

I am a photographer who currently lives in the great state of Colorado. I love going out and photographing wild horses in their natural habitat, and look forward to being able to share a glimpse their world with you.

23 thoughts on “The Red Desert Lawsuit Sale!

  1. Hey Rachel,
    Such a fantastic offering!
    I know how beautiful your prints are, since I am proud owner of one, featuring the stunning Flax.
    I foresee these images fly out of your Etsy shop!
    And for this once in a lifetime cause. It’s now or never, baby!
    A grassroots operation is needed pronto, and you always get the word out with your stories and images as you tell it like it is.
    I’m going to post the TCF donation link on my blog and try to do my part.
    I’ve been visiting the Green Mountain mustangs quite a lot this summer. Can you tell me, Rachel, if they too, are in danger of being rounded up?
    Happy birthday! And enjoy those White Mt. horses!!!

    1. Thanks! Whatever we can do will help. I’m glad you’ve been able to spend so much time in Green Mountain! I do not believe Green Mountain is in any immediate danger. They are a lower priority since they are not in “immediate danger of dying” (insert eyeroll here) and there are no lawsuits against them – the BLM doesn’t have room period, so they aren’t going after herds as often as they were a few years ago. However, I am worried that we are nearing a time when the BLM will begin to openly plan ways to get rid of the horses in long-term holding or will start openly shooting horses on the range. So we will have to keep a very close eye out that herds like Green Mountain are not put at risk too.

  2. Thanks so much Rachel.
    I know what you mean. Just what you’re talking about. I read about this same kind of thing, the way the BLM “get rid of the old ones” by ordering one of their workers to do the dirty work, to sneak off and shoot them. The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs, by H. Alan Day, this book describes it. And it’s very sad.
    I’ve got my eyes peeled!

    1. Prairie girl – I read Mr. Day’s book also – VERY sad. I remember seeing a comment on one of the blogs where the person blamed Mr. Day for having to kill the horses (per the BLM’s order) – but he did so much good in the time the horses were there – Hard to understand these people’s capacity for cruelty!
      Rachel – I’m a new follower of your blog – I hope you can continue to do the good work for the horses. Sadly, my donations are down to zero now – looking for work – until then – just have to send emails & comments.

      1. Hi Maggie! Welcome! I hope you enjoy the blog. It’s a little quirky, but we all try to have a good time. I’ll have to check this book out I think…

        Thank you so much for your support to help these horses! I have been there myself a time or two. Financial support is not always going to be an option. But calling and emailing are fantastic ways to help too! The important thing is that we can all come together and help in the ways that we are able.

  3. Hello Rachel,
    Thank you for all the work that you have done for the wild horses. I want to show my appreciation and support to you and TCF by donation and spreading the words. Thanks again.

  4. I just picked up photos of some of my favorite ‘boys’. thank you so much for the opportunity to not only grab some fantastic photos, but support a great (but painful) cause!

    1. Thank you, Puller! I will be getting your order right over to the post office after I get home from work tonight. You have good timing for your favorite boys, since I only had one of the Gladiator & Bolder photos in stock. 😉

      It is definitely a difficult issue and I can’t even contemplate the idea of losing without getting really upset, but I have faith that everything will work out and we will be successful in stopping this roundup!

  5. I’m hoping for a miracle so the Wyoming wild ones may remain free. I also bought Coronado’s yearlings sipping water together through Etsy. Thanks for all you do.

    1. You and me both, Chris. Thanks so much for the order! I have your photo ready to be shipped out tomorrow. I’ve always really liked that one myself because they look so peaceful. 🙂

    1. Hi Suzy! Thanks for your inquiry. The wraps can definitely be shipped to Oregon, though it may be a little extra in cost for the shipping. Darlene at the Cottonwood Art Center told me you should call her Tuesday-Friday from 10-3 and she can work out the specific details. If the piece you are interested in has already sold or there are any troubles just let me know either in this comment section or by email ( and I’ll look into it and figure something out.

  6. Hi Rachel- Thank you for all you are doing for the horses…I bought a print of Picasso from you & I am wondering if you offer any prints of Nomad? I love that photo…

    1. Hi Shera. Thanks so much! I can definitely get you a Nomad print too. I will get it set up on Etsy when I get home tonight and then let you know. Do you want that as an 8×10?

  7. Hi Rachel
    Well I did all my donating this month. Drat. But never fear TCF ALWAYS gets 10 dollars from me. Quite regularly as a matter of fact.

    Starting Sunday morning I’ll be in the Pryors for several days! I hope to see Cloud and maybe Bolder will let me get a bit closer than 1/2 mile…I guess he was feeling rather protective of his herd when I saw him 4 years ago.

    Thinking about it reminds me I saw Echo when he was a baby. Today he is still nursing mama and has one of his dada’s mares. I hope they don’t decide this weekend to have one big blowout fight–it would be sad to witness and scary I think cause you see horses running and fighting–and all I’d want to do is stay the bleep out of the way!

    1. Thanks for donating to TCF Margaret! I hope that you have a lot of fun in the Pryors!! Isn’t it so magical up there? Bolder will probably let you get closer to him now. I hope you don’t see anything terrible between Echo and Bolder. It’s definitely a tough situation between those two.

  8. Thanks so much for sending the pictures of the Corona siblings and more. Now I need to know their names. I know Corona the King, of course!

    1. Hi Chris! Let me see if I can remember… the sorrel is Maybell, the palomino is Bobby. The yearling palomino is Can Wakan. The palomino paint is Cheyenne. The sorrel mare who is missing an eye is Lona and the bay mare’s name is… I want to say her name is Em? Wait, no Em is black… I don’t know the bay mares name. Sorry!

  9. Hello Rachel,
    I love the canvas print of Great Divide Basin (20″ x 8″ Canvas Gallery Wrap). This piece was already sold at the Art Sale. Is it possible reprinting this image 50% larger (30″x12″)?
    Thank you.

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