To Be or Not To Be

I am never sure how to write about the Pryor horses.  When I go to a place like White Mountain, I can easily sit on a developing story for a few months to see what happens.  That way when I do go to write, I can have a direction to go.  That is part of the fun of spending so much time with a relatively unknown herd.

The Pryors is a little different.  There are so many other excellent sources of information, all of whom visit the horses much more often than I am able to do.  If writing about White Mountain is giving an exhibition piece, then writing about the Pryors is more like a celebrity gossip rag.  I just want to get all my readers together in person at some tastefully decorated coffee shop and spend the next two hours sipping on some fancy sugary drink and dishing out who Audubon has been spotted with recently and OMG Isadora and Flint are so going to be splitting up.  (She’s too good for him anyway)

Bacardi and Topper Too are turning into the ultimate frenemies. Minus the friend part. The drama!
Bacardi and Topper Too are still frienemies of epic proportinos. Minus the friend part.


So with that in mind, I think I will dish out the steamiest news on the bands that were spotted in no particular order.  If you have any specific requests for who you want dirt on next, please let me know in the comments.  Now keep in mind that most of the Dryhead horses were inaccessible via pickup truck, I did not get to hang out with Casper, and the M bachelors were hiding.  Everyone else is fair game, though.


Santa Fe does not actualy make an appearance in this story.  But doesn't his handsome face make you want to read on?
Santa Fe does not actualy make an appearance in this story. But doesn’t his handsome face make you want to read on?

The weekend started off with a delightful trip up Burnt Timber in a truck borrowed from my pa.  This was actually not as terrifying as I anticipated.  That is probably because I was not the one driving.  Lauryn is a wizard at driving up crazy rock steps, you see.  In any case, we did not shred any tires or get stuck.  Success!

Electra and Pococeno dash in front of Sammy the Beast
Electra and Pococeno dash in front of Sammy the Beast


I mention this primarily to let everyone know that Sage Creek and Crooked Creek are still not open.  There is a ton of snow up there still thanks to the fabulously crazy winter.  Burnt Timber Rd was dryish and the roads at the top were not bad, but we couldn’t reach the Forest Service fence in the truck, much less make it further into the Forest Service land.  So anyone who is planning on going up should beware and definitely check to see if the better roads are open before making any attempts.  Burnt Timber is a Jeep/ATV road and should only be attempted with a truck if it you are extremely patient and cautious.


Despite its pitfalls, there is one very good reason to head up Burnt Timber right now.  Lauryn and I were grinding our way up mile by mile, when what should appear on the mid-ridges of Tillet but a grulla sprang before our cross-eyed, slightly manic eyes.  It turns out Demure was down there, grazing along the road.  With Jasper.  That’s right.  Jasper still has her.  I bet you didn’t see that one coming.


Jasper & Demure
Jasper & Demure

Or more likely you totally saw this coming because you kept up on the Pryor Mustang Centers Facebook page and thus consider this old news. That works too.


Jasper is the five year old son of Feldspar and Flint.  Five is extremely young to be a band stallion.  A determined five year old like Jasper may be able to hold on to a mare for a while, but they rarely can keep a mare for very long.  They are not big enough to fight off other stallions or experienced enough to win the loyalty of a mare.


Jasper, the clever boy, is intentionally keeping Demure far away from the rest of the herd who have made their way to the top of the mountain.  Down lower Jasper does not have to worry about fighting off the bigger, more experienced stallions.  Demure, meanwhile, has a chance for a little one-on-one time with Jasper to see if she likes him.  (Newsflash: if she doesn’t it is probably because she’s crazy)


This will not last forever.  The water source that Demure and Jasper are using is not going to be around all summer.  It will not be too long until Jasper has no choice but to take Demure to the top of the mountain.  Once Jasper and Demure are forced up top all bets are off.


Call me an optimist, but I think Jasper may actually be able to hold his own for a little while.  I know, I know, this is likely wishful thinking but c’mon, everybody likes Jasper.  If you don’t like Jasper, it’s probably because you’re a communist.  I actually say this because the bachelor situation up top is very interesting this year.  There are only a handful of bachelors that are old and experienced enough to take Demure from Jasper.  On top of that, the massive upheaval that many bands have seen this year means there is a limited field of band stallions that would be willing to take the risk of adding a new mare to their bands.  There is just too much instability.



I know that Encore is on everyone’s minds and hearts right now.  Encore being the yearling daughter of Feldspar and Cloud.  Earlier this year Encore was separated from her family band and ended up with a trio of bachelors: Knight, Inali, and London.  How she ended up with such young stallions is anyone’s guess.  Knight has control of the situation right now.  London is Knight’s loyal sidekick.  And Inali dogs the group, looking for an opening to steal Knight.  Inali and Knight have been beating the snot out of each other battling over Encore.

Encore, Knight, & Inali
Encore, Knight, & Inali
There is an expression that goes “bros before hoes”. I am not sure how a cute little filly like Encore would be compared wtih a common gardening tool, but that’s metaphors for you,
London tries to play with Knight.  Knight has his mind on other matters and is not interested.
London tries to play with Knight. Knight has his mind on other matters and is not interested.

Knight & Inali have stopped actively fighting each other.  Instead, Knight is now running Encore ragged, chasing her up, down, and all around the mountaintop.  This treatment is clearly wearing on Encore, who is tired and looking a little thin.  Knight does not have the wisdom of Jasper.  Instead of keeping Encore down lower, away from the other horses, he is keeping her above the tree line at all times.   While all the other bands stayed in the trees, Encore and the feisty trio were up top and fully exposed to the elements all the time.  In the three days that we were up they were snowed on, rained on, and exposed to harsh winds that were constantly blowing.  The elements did not slow down the stallions, but the weather certainly contributed to Encore’s exhaustion and stress.


Knight was pretty relentless and constantly pushing Encore, even when she wanted to rest


But Encore did point out her disatisfaction with her hind legs
But Encore did point out her disatisfaction with her hind legs
Hour after hour, the scene was always the same
Hour after hour, hoofbeat after hoofbeat, the scene was always the same

I am worried that Encore is going to get sick.  At the same time, I do not think that this is a life-threatening situation for her just yet.  It is a very bad situation none-the-less.  London bred Encore while we watched.  I have no doubt that Knight has done so as well if he is passively allowing London to behave in such a way.

Encore cleans out the wound on her lower shoulder
Encore cleans out the wound on her lower shoulder


While a mare can successfully have a foal as a two-year old, the foal is much less likely to survive and it is very hard on their growing bodies.  Babies having babies is never a god thing, and Encore is smaller than many of the other yearling fillies on the mountain.  Hopefully she does not conceive.


It does not help that the horses involved are very important too.  Encore herself has two full brothers and one half-brother on the range, and it unlikely that anything will happen that would cause her to die.  But the boys are another a story.  Stallions can fight so hard that they injure themselves badly enough that they are never able to recover enough to become a band stallion and sometimes will even die from their wounds.  Consider:

  • Inali is the only horse on the range out of Inverness and Eclipse. So if something happens to him, both of their bloodlines will be lost forever
  • London is one of only two offspring of Gold Rush, a mare who passed away in 2012. To my knowledge, Gold Rush was the only offspring of Sequoyah to successfully reproduce. She has no living offspring on the range. Unless she has another foal, which is unlikely, her two grandchildren, London & Ketchikan, are her only legacy
  • Knight is the only Guinevere foal that stays on the mountain top. Guinevere does have other offspring, but they are older and stay in the Dryhead year-round. So Knight is not as unique as Inali or London, but it would be cool if he would choose to stay on the mountain and add a little fresh blood up top

There is a silver lining to this cloud.  By Monday all of the established bands were at the top of the mountain too.  There was nowhere for Knight & Inali to hide anymore.  The boys are now stuck sharing water holes with stallions who are bigger, stronger, and smarter than they are.  It is only a matter of time.


At one point the quartet was boxed in between the bachelors Jack and Chino.  Neither Jack nor Chino showed interest in pursuing Encore, but with Knight and Inali so beat up it would not take much to take out all three stallions.  Heck, a stallion with a stable band could easily sneak in and snake her away while Knight & Inali were fighting amongst themselves.  No matter how it happens, I will be shocked if Encore does not end up in a new band very soon.  Hopefully it will be a stable one with some older mares to dote on Encore while she gets some rest and puts her weight on.  My vote goes to Duke, or maybe Baja because they need another youngster to combat the sheer cranky that Bacardi and Topper Too exude, but we can talk more about those bands later.


Niyaha is a yearling who is in a very different situation from Encore.  Niyaha is the daughter of Audubon and Morning Star.  Audubon is something of a mystery.  She has been with the stallion Morning Star for some time.  And yet for the past two years in a row, Audubon has left Morning Star in the month May and spent time with a different stallion.  In 2013, Audubon went with Indigo Kid before returning to Morning Star.

Audubon was not very interested in people, so we respected her wishes and gave her a wide berth.  Consequently I came back with a whopping five photos of her
Audubon was not very interested in people, so we respected her wishes and gave her a wide berth. Consequently, this is only photo I have of her by herself.




This year Audubon has reappeared with … Hamlet!  Clearly Audubon has great taste.  Hamlet is a big, beefy black Forest Service boy.  This is to say, Hamlet is one giant hunk of handsome.



As you might expect, Hamlet is very wary right now.  He keeps his distance from the other stallions and was not too keen when Galaxy came over to visit.  This is Hamlet’s first time acting as a band stallion, and Audubon doesn’t have the best track record.  I think that Hamlet will succeed where Indigo Kid failed.  Why?  They are both fabulous stallions, but Hamlet has an advantage that Indigo Kid did not have:  Niyaha likes him.

Hamlet with Galaxy standing behind


Hamlet is playing it smart, and I love him for that.  Actually, it would probably be more accureate to say that Hamlet is playing it kind.  While we were up there, Hamlet was a perfect gentleman to Niyaha.  He acted more like a patient step-father than anything else.  If that doesn’t keep him on Audubon’s good side then nothing will.



Audubon and Niyaha may end up returning to Morning Star yet.  It would be a tough decision to be sure, but I have a hard time imagining that Niyaha would not choose to follow her mother.  Even if Niyaha does follow Audubon and returns to her biological father, she would not stay in the band for very long.  By the time she was two or three she would be ready to move on and seek out a stallion of her own.


None of us can know where Jasper, Encore, and Niyaha’s journeys will take them.  Or how long those journeys will be.  The lives of wild horses are difficult ones – they are filled with triumphs and hardships in equal measure.  Not everyone will get a happy ending.  But many will.  And maybe it’s ultimately about the journey towards a happy ending anyway; that brutal long road that shapes a horse into who they are.  It is that which makes the happy ending so worthwhile.



Published by Rachel Reeves

I am a photographer who currently lives in the great state of Colorado. I love going out and photographing wild horses in their natural habitat, and look forward to being able to share a glimpse their world with you.

49 thoughts on “To Be or Not To Be

  1. This… is… the best! You have such a great way with words and tell the stories so well. So much information to get out with great photos, in just a couple days. Thanks and job well done!

  2. All is well in the Dryhead — well, sorta. There have been 3 visible bands: the Greeters, of course, who actually used Crooked Creek Bay yesterday; Fiero with Sacajawea and Oregon, and Strawberry; and Blizzard with Bakken and La Nina, and Cascade. There may be a new foal born to one of the mares soon. Oregon is a cutie, curious and brave, and very bonded with Strawberry — so much so that many think Strawberry is her mother. La Nina is a very Spanish lady, but nervous and jumpy. She is also bonded with Cascade, and sometimes Bakken, who has been very crabby all week, does not like that bond. The “sorta” part of all is well refers to the fact that all the bachelors seem to have disappeared. Mustang Flats, which last year was dubbed “Bachelor Flats” is a pretty lonely place these days.

      1. Dryhead Cascade would be who Joy is referring to, I believe. She looks quite pregnant. Of the horses I saw, I would say that Halcyon & Graciana are pregnant. I put Ingrid & Galadriel in a fingers-crossed maybe they are pregnant but they probably are just fat and sassy category. Quite a few of the mares in the no-PZP window were still nursing yearlings or did not look pregnant at all. But some of those mares hide it really well, so I am sure there will be a surprise or two yet.

      2. I look forward to seeing Cascade foal. Haha that pzp doesn’t seem to stop Blizzard from siring foals! I bet La Nina will be excited. I definitely think that Halcyon is pregnant too. I don’t think I’ve seen a recent pic of Graciana… wanna post one? 😉 Ingrid and Galadrial are both I would like to see foal. Ingrid has always had a bit of a round belly, but she seems to be bigger this year than she has been previously. I was looking at some pics of Galadrial earlier this April thinking that she was looking a little extra plump.

      3. Hmm, that’s a shame about the no-PZP mares! I’d rather the mares in the no-PZP window foal than the ones outside of it (speaking in broad terms of course-there are some no-PZP mares that could really use a break!). I worry that if too many mares have “surprise” foals they’ll increase PZP administration or gathers :/ So mares like Shadow and Juniper/Jewel don’t look pregnant then? Definitely fingers crossed for Felicity, Ingrid, Fools Gold and Galadriel!

      4. I wish that some of the mares who are in the no-PZP window would get a year off. Halcyon, Firestorm, and Feldspar just keep popping out foal after foal. Shadow does not look pregnant to me, but they just took her off PZP last year, so I’m not too concerned just yet. Jewel does not look pregnant either, but then, she won’t be off PZP until next year which means the soonest she will likely foal is 2016. It’s safe to say that Fool’s Gold is not pregnant, because Nighthawk is still nursing.

      5. Actually this year they stopped darting the 2009 mares, so we may see foals from them next year. It would be nice to see some of the mares get a break like Firestorm, Feldspar, Halcyon, and Greta who have been foaling year after year. Firestorm and Feldspar have foaled 6 out of the past 7 years and Greta has foaled 6 times in the last 6 years.

      6. Ohhhkay. Thanks Sarah! I can never keep the PZP window straight in my head. I know it’s the 2004-209 who wouldn’t be darted this year, but it still gets all jumbled up.

      7. I think I got the PZP windows mixed up in my head too, I thought the 2009 mares had their first year off PZP last year and consequently thought that mares like Shadow were further along in their foaling opportunity period than they really are. That’s good to know though, I’d just hate for those girls to never have the chance to pass along their beautiful genes 🙂 I had hoped Autumn would foal again since she only has Nighthawk but she has a couple more chances! And yes, Feldspar, Firestorm and Halycon always come to mind when I think of mares that need a break from foaling!! Poor girls! Their foals are beautiful though. And I hadn’t really realised Greta is in the same boat so she could definitely use a break as well!

      8. I think Graciana may have had her foal. Also, I don’t think we need to worry about the bachelors. Since they don’t have a band to worry about the horses in each group can often change and they can also go places that a band with a new foal might not be able to, let alone humans.

      9. No problem 🙂 it can certainly get confusing. Especially because the years they dont get darted are age 5-10 which would mean (in theory) they foal at ages 6-11. I definitley get nervous too as they get further into their foaling years, but continue not to foal. I was happy that Gracianna foaled last year (and Sandy just found her with a new foal this morning). I was really hoping GP would foal this year. It also makes me nervous when mares have offspring removed because in theory they have several more foaling years, but then we see them go several years without foaling. GP falls into that category. Her only foal Kelly (born 2010) was removed in the 2012 gather and GP hasnt foaled since then.

    1. Yeah, we saw several bands on the midridges of Sykes while we were driving up and down. So a bunch of them are still up pretty high. I’m glad you had fun in the Dryhead though! And I hope you were able to get up top and see Cloud like you were planning on, Joy.

  3. THANK YOU for this!!!! I absolutely love reading what you write about the wild Ones, and I love your photographs as well….thank you!!!!!

  4. I hope that Encore ends up in a band soon! I’ve been worried for her. It does seem to be taking a toll on her. With how possesive Knight is of her, Im surprised he allowed London to breed her. Why London but not Inali I wonder. Im sure at this point she’s been bred by all three of them. It shouldnt be too hard for a band stallion to swoop in and take her. I also wonder how Grijala may play into that. He could easily take her. Or even Indigo fresh off of his temporary band stallion status. Im happy for Jasper that he still has Demure although I wish her foal was still with them. I am pretty positive her and Broken Bow will end up back together. Who knows, maybe Jasper can hang onto both. Im happy for Hamlet too. Maybe it will be permanent. Glad to hear of his gentle attitude with Niyaha. She is so grown up!! Audubon looks good too. Ive thought about the same thing about Knight, Inali, and London all representing important bloodlines. Hopefully no one gets seriously hurt. You said Encore had a wound on her shoulder. Did it seem bad?

    1. I don’t know if I have any preferences for who I want Encore to ultimately end up with, but Grijala would ceertainly be a good choice. Broken Bow is currently with Mescalero. I’m not sure if Demure would be terribly interested in him or not. We shall see! The Hamlet situation feels permanent to me, but we all know how quickly things shift so it is impossible to say for sure.

      Encore’s wound is not too bad. It is a scrape a little smaller than the size of a playing card and it is not too deep. Encore is keeping it clean and it does not look infected. It also is not effecting her gait at all when she trots. It’s still horrible to see on a young filly like that, though. 😦

      1. I’m sad she has a wound, but glad to hear that it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much. I’ve heard from others that Broken Bow didn’t seem to impressed with Mescalero. That could help Jasper end up with both of them, but whether he would be able to keep them I’m not sure. He does seem to be pretty strong. I had also heard that Half Moon didn’t seem impressed by Mescalero. Did you get that vibe from them too?

      2. Eh… yes and no. Neither Half Moon nor Broken Bow are integrated in with the rest of Mescalero’s band just yet. They hang back from Rosarita and Polaris, and I would agree that both mares seem indifferent to Mescalero overall. I do not see Broken Bow staying, but Rosarita is Half Moon’s mother. That may make a difference in Half Moon’s decision or it may not. Time will tell!

  5. Thank you for your beautiful stories and the even more beautiful photos of these amazing horses!!! You certainly have a way with words, and I enjoy them all!!! Thanks for sharing these stores with us!!!

  6. Great update for us who are dying to know what’s going on, and lives for the gossip;) It’s great that Hamlet has a mare (for now), it’s even greater that Jupiter holds on to Demure (if I were her I would hang on to him for dear life) and I really hope Nimbus is snatch up by a band stallion (hopefully Cloud) by now!
    I would love to hear more about what’s going on with Flint though.. is Isadora with Morning Star??

    1. Well… Personally,I have many feelings about the Flint & Isadora “situation”. I promise to get to him next! I have it all written, just need to edit and choose photos.

  7. Excellent post Rachel. I love your writing style. It was so great to see you & Lauryn 😀

  8. Love your photos and writting style.
    Hope soon Encore end up with Duke ‘s band or Baja’s band would be good for her.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it. Baja and Duke would both be really excellent choices! I will try not to say too much more, lest my Baja bias starts to show.

  9. Love your humorous and detailed account-can’t wait to catch up on the “gossip” with the rest of the herd 🙂

    Jupiter/Jasper and Demure make a stunning pair! Glad he’s playing it smart and that Demure is having some down time after the sad loss of her foal. I was concerned something may be wrong with her but she looks great 🙂 I also love the dynamic you described between Hamlet, Audubon and Niyaha-what a wonderful band stallion he seems to be shaping up to be (plus he’s so handsome!) Niyaha is looking gorgeous!

    Poor Encore though, Knight pushing her all over the place certainly isn’t helping her! Hopefully it will keep her from conceiving. Seems strange that Knight would allow London to breed her (Knight is looking stunning by the way). I really hope her situation improves soon! The whole rare bloodlines thing is very scary, not only do we worry about the individual horses, but the health of the herd has such a fragile balance to it.

    I take it Santa Fe is still dogging Coronado? :/ how does that situation seem to be playing out?

    1. Thank you! If Encore could at least come out of this without being pregnant, it would be fantastic. It is not too uncommon for a stallion to allow their younger son or a satelite to breed a mare. In the case of younger horses, they, ahem, commonly do not know what they are doing and do not succesfully complete the deed. The lead stallion usually takes over once the mare is at her most fertile. It is almsot like the younger/satelite stallions prepare her for the primary stallion? That is my interpretation but really I have no clue why they behave like that.

      Santa Fe is dogging Coronado. I will have more details on that posted by tomorrow or Monday.

      1. Being around broodmares I’ve often come to the conclusion that it often stinks to be a mare! No wonder they can be so wily and cranky ;P

  10. Maybe I’m just saying this because more people have been visiting the Pryors, but it seems like a lot more changes happened this spring than I ever remember hearing about. I had been hoping Encore and Knight would break off on their own, but I think both Encore and I are disappointed with his antics right now. If she ever liked him he’s probably ruining it by making her run so much. I have mixed feelings about Encore being out of Cloud’s band, though. Part of me recognizes that it would be better for her to be with Feldspar while the other part of me worries about her with Cloud. Not that he’s a bad father, but I’m not sure how much longer the stability of his band will last. If it does I’d be concerned that Cloud may end up showing too much affection toward Encore. She still seems to have spunk, though, so I guess it can only go up from here for here.
    You also got some amazing photos. My favorites are of Hamlet and his band.

    1. Disappointed is an excellent word for how I think a lot of us (Encore included) are feeling about Knight right now! I’m sure the pressure is getting to him but it’s not at all pleasant for poor Encore! I also have mixed feelings about her returning to Cloud’s band….I think the best option may be for her to end up with another, stable band that has some kind maternal figures for her (like Niobrara has in War Bonnet and Phoenix)

      1. I was thinking about that too. I was really hoping Knight would be a good band stallion for Encore, but I think his age and the fact that he’s spent most his life with bachelors is going against him. I think it would be a lot of fun to see Encore with Phoenix too, or maybe Casper’s band since Mariah is in it.

      2. That’s an interesting point about Knight, he’s spent very little of his time in a normal band setting so has even less experience than another bachelor of his age. I bet Mariah would enjoy taking on Encore actually, and she is her aunt! 🙂

      3. Knight is following his instincts. He wants mares. She’s a mare. He had an opportunity and took it. Right now Knight is trying to keep Encore the only way he is able to, and is being smart in that regard. If it was not such a terrible situation and so hard on Encore, I would be sitting back and giving him credit for being able to hold on to her as long as he has at four years of age. He needs time to bulk up and a strong lead mare, but I think he will make a fine band stallion one day!

    2. Thanks! I agree with you Livi, and get the sense that it is a cyclical thing. Jackson was one of the top dogs. Another three prominant stallions lost their band, albeit temporarily. And that is not counting Doc. So many of the current band stallions are steadily approaching their twenties. We wil probably continue to see major shifts in power over the next few years, then have it settle down to a more steady rythmn from there.

      At this point going back to Cloud really isn’t an option. Feldspar is also a little less… clingy I guess? She seems less inclined to keep close ties with her female offspring when compared with some of the other mares. If I really had to pick a favorite contender… I like Hernando. Between Phoenix and War Bonnet, Encore would be protected, and he was wonderful with Niobrara & Maelstrom.

      1. Hernando seems like he’s been awesome with Niobrara and Maelstrom 🙂 I know Knight’s just following his instincts and we can’t hold it against him, it’s just hard to see poor Encore dealing with it :/ I think it’s especially hard because they seemed to have a sweet relationship at first and a lot of us were looking at him as her (pardon the word play) knight in shining armor. None of it’s really his fault though, like you said. I’m guessing the father/daughter relationship between Cloud and Encore has dissolved by now, so it probably really isn’t a good option for her to return to her natal band.

      2. I do agree there will always be a time that the older stallions loose their bands, but for some reason I’m not remembering it happening as much in past years as it has this years. I also feel like the recent trend of bachelors stealing entire bands is a recent thing. I do hope if things don’t settle down completely the action at least slows down.

  11. Love all the pics, and thoroughly enjoyed your narrative. 🙂 Some of us like to refer to life on the PMWMR to a version of “As The World Turns” or “The Bold & The Beautiful”. They sure don’t do what we “know” is best for them a lot of the time. 🙂 I will add a couple of thoughts on the group situations, one being that Inali has been acting as “big bro” to London for some time now, too. And, I do hope things settle down for Encore—like you’d think her “in heat” pheromones would be subsiding soon, if they haven’t already. However, I guess that’s no guarantee she’ll get her needed rest and nourishment. It was stated by a local, knowledgeable observer that Durango pushed Buffalo Girl beyond her limits to where it affected her health, for no apparent reason, the summer before she came up missing (deceased). Nature can be cruel. We can hope for the best, and there are many possible scenarios that would be in Encore’s favor. And, being young can be a real advantage in some ways. Thank you, so much, for sharing your pics and observations.

    1. Thanks Linda! It is just so interesting to see how the real life soap opera unfolds. I have all these feelings about what I want to see happen, but oftentimes they end up making better choices that I never even thought of. I hope that is the case here. I like your point that being young helps. These guys will be able to heal and recover much more quickly than the older ones.

      Nature truly is cruel but it doesn’t hold a candle to what humans can do to each other. What I appreciate so much about my time with the wild horses is that even when they do something that is cruel, it is never malicious. It’s more like… their biological instincts and good intentions went awry and led to bad things.

      1. I like the way you put that, I think it’s a good way of looking at nature and the interactions of the animals: cruel by circumstance but not malicious.

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