Halters & Lady Problems

My goodness! I love ya but I really wasn’t planning on blogging tonight. It’s a bit difficult to focus with all of this horrible news about the storm decimating the northeast. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by the storms, human and animal alike.

Truth be told, these Breeze and Leo posts are the hardest to write. I think it is because it’s hard for me to not take them seriously. Not to mention there is a sense of pressure. I feel bad coming on here week after week, only to say “Well, Breeze has a long way to go.” I want to get back to goofy slice of life blogs. With that said, I’ve also been fighting against the urge to write up a political blog which makes my bi-polar though process a failure no matter how you look at it.

No me! I’ll let you pet my nose. Me! LOOK AT ME!!!

So Breeze. Breeze, Breeze, they call her the Breeze. That girl is more stubborn than Ziggy! I didn’t think that was possible. Speaking of which… well, we will get to that.

She is relaxing some. Honest!

Sometimes Breeze frustrates me a little. Dad is working so hard, but it’s just taking ages. It shouldn’t bother me so much, but she could really use a hoof trim. It also doesn’t help that I toss our exploits to the world via the internet. On the other hand, rushing her won’t accomplish anything either.

Meanwhile, Ziggy has been a fantastic influence on Leo. The natural progression seemed to be that it was time for Breeze to spend time with Ziggy. Dad agreed, so we put all three in together. Breeze seemed to ignore everyone at first. So far so good. Then out of nowhere, she walked towards Ziggy and kicked the ever-living tar out of him.

Ziggy wasn’t displaying any aggressive behavior that my eyes saw – he was just standing around minding his own business.

Breeze can turn into little miss crabby pants at the turn of a hat. Whatever that means.

After that, Little Miss Thing strutted away. Ziggy seemed to ignore it, so I let them stay together. Naturally, it couldn’t end with that. Breeze went back up and tried again. This time Ziggy was determined not to take it. Suddenly I have two horses butt to butt going at it like a pair of surly bachelors. At first this was also harmless – when they are kicking like that it’s not possible for them to get too much wind-up, and thus there’s little damage.

Ziggy’s “bedroom eyes”. No wonder the lady doth protest so much.

Breeze then chanelled her father and maneuvered so she could get a couple good shots at Ziggy’s hindquarters before Ziggy could retaliate. At that point, they were seperated with the help of flailing arms and a few curse words. Ziggy went into the pasture to recover what was left of his dignity and Breeze received a stern scolding. Oh wait. No she didn’t. She received a treat and sympathetic cooing about how a certain father of mine wasn’t going to let “that mean Ziggy” hurt her. Oh dear.

Seriously Dad?

I am hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful love-hate relationship. Hey, it works in the movies.

Meanwhile, a certain little mijo had his halter fastened for the first time! He seemed to take it in stride, which is to say that he didn’t really care. I think that Ziggy has really been helping Leo. The two of them seem to have a close relationship, and Leo looks up to his big brother for cues on how to behave. Ziggy wears a halter, so it must be okay.

Does this halter make my head look big? Or is it just my mom’s rubbish camera angle (she should know better)

In mom’s defense, it’s hard to get a respectable shot when a certain someone won’t stop slobbering on the camera.

That theory just developed tonight. Tonight we added a lead rope. I was not planning to get any further than letting him get used to having a funny dangly bit under his chin. Leo had other plans. I’m not sure how, but he was leading. I walked away and he followed with zero pressure on the leadrope. I stopped, he stopped. I turned, he turned. Easy peasy.

It’s not supposed to happen like that, you guys.

Pet me? Dad cons the little guy away from the camera.

I then gave Ziggy some sympathy love, followed by a photo session of sorts. Mostly it was me trying to chase Ziggy out of the shadows. In typical Ziggy fashion, he thought this was a game and kept coming back to me so I could chase him away again. It was less than productive. I was not particularly satisfied with any of the photos I took, but I’m tossing a couple up here for the sake of the narrative.

Seem vaguely familiar? Yeah, Leo is definitely learning from Ziggy a little too well. Camera whores…

Then there’s the problem. The final problem. Both Bandit and Ziggy received their names within a week of having a halter on for the first time. While I have not discussed it on this blog, the truth is that I have been planning to rename Leo. Don’t get me wrong, Leo is a fantastic name! I just don’t know that I want to keep it. He looks like a Leo but he doesn’t feel like a Leo. Make sense? No? Well don’t be too picky, reader; mathematical types aren’t good with describing all this emotional constipation nonsense.

The thing of it is … I got nothing. At first, I thought it would be fitting to name him after a hobbit, because really, he is a hobbit and I wanted a fantasy name. Then I thought a Native American name would be cool, only to find that I couldn’t find any I liked. Then I received some great suggestions with a Custer theme. Then there’s a smattering of “where did those come from”. I like them but nothing seems to fit just yet. Argh. I hate naming critters!!!

2 thoughts on “Halters & Lady Problems

  1. Sarah Griffin says:

    It funny to hear about Breeze being little Miss Attitude. She always seemed so sweet and quiet in the wild. I’m sure she’s still sweet, she’s just making you and your Dad work for it to see the sweet side of her personality. Haha I think if she had stayed wild she has lead mare written all over her! Leo is doing so well! I can’t believe he was leading the first time he even had a halter on! I also loved the picture of Leo sticking his nose through the fence to get your dad’s attention while he was with Breeze 🙂 too funny!

  2. Chris says:

    Do you have a new name for Leo? He’s such a great character and may be could influence Breeze. I’m so glad you and your father have them. Happy Thanksgiving!

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