Kids Update: 10/21

This seems like a good time for a kids update.

Both of the mesteños are doing quite well. Technically, all four are okay, but let’s be honest, no one reading this really cares about Bandit or Ziggy. Dad & I have been experimenting. I highly recommend experimentation; it’s fun!

For a week the kids were separated in the two pens, with Ziggy trapped outside in the pasture day and night. As one can imagine, Ziggy was terribly upset by this development. Poor baby.

Separating them helped with Breeze’s progress, but did not do much for Leo. So yesterday Ziggy was once again forced into service as Leo’s babysitter. It went spectacularly at first. Then I left, and returned half an hour later to find Ziggy chasing Leo in all different directions. It’s a bad habit Ziggy has never quite gotten over. He doesn’t bite or kick his fellow horses, but he loves chasing them around to point out who’s the boss.

Big brother Ziggy

Ziggy returned to the pasture for the night to be on the safe side, but he went back in with Leo this morning. Ziggy’s older (if not wiser) presence does seem to help. It took half as long to get Leo to a good place, and he was much calmer about being itched on his right side. He’s probably ready for the halter, but I can’t imagine I will get to it myself until this weekend. Thank goodness this is my last week of getting off at five! The plan is to alternate Ziggy with Breeze and Leo, but keep the kids separated from each other for at least another week.

Here are some pictures that I finally got around to taking. I only have the one worthwhile Breeze shot. The camera came out after hay and she was a bit grouchy. Something to the effect of “Dude you already messed with me today. Leave me to my dinner!”

With apologies for the photo quality. What kind of a rubbish photographer waits until the worst time of day to photograph her own horses anyway?

Sometimes Ziggy is willing to share his hay

But Ziggy is notorious for not sharing well with others, so Leo has plenty of hay in another bin.

Dad scratches Leo.

Leo decides he’s had enough.

Ziggy plays mediator.

6 thoughts on “Kids Update: 10/21

  1. Prairie girl says:

    That first picture is darling. Thanks for the update on the shenanigans of your wild kids. I imagine ‘patience’ is a word used often around your barn! Really appreciate this update, Rachel!

    • Patience is used quite a lot. As are many four-lettered words. Thankfully, both of those are ususally directed towards Bandit who is being boarded elsewhere and did not make it into this blog. Let’s hope that the kids do not take after big brother in any way! :-\

      Kidding. Bandit is mischevious and the first couple years were rocky, but he’s actually doing great now. He even inexperienced lets kids ride him. Not bad for a 5 year old good ball!

  2. Puller says:

    How old is Leo now, Rachel? He is very cute. The pix of Ziggy and your dad is priceless! I can hear Ziggy telling your dad, ‘Don’t waste your time on that kid, there’s a perfectly good horse standing in front of you whom you can brush and fawn over!’

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