The Kiddos

I intend to write a proper blog post about Dad and my experience last weekend at the Pryor adoption at a later time. Right now, however, I’m really tired and looking forward to going to bed early. To quickly catch everyone up to speed: Dad felt he should have spent more time researching before the adoption, I had a minor freak out during the first round, and then we adopted Breeze and Leo, respectively.

Got the gist? Good. Here’s a quick update:

It took about ten hours to get from the Britton Springs Corrals to the kiddo’s new home. It was a long journey for horse and human alike, but it was particularly difficult for Breeze. It broke my heart to see her so upset as she huddled in the back of the trailer, seeking comfort from Leo. I’m not sure how useful Leo was in that respect – he spent the trip relatively unconcerned overall. He was a little busy eating.

It probably also helped that he was too short to see all the scenery passing by – no matter how much he craned his little midgit neck, only the tips of his ears were ever visible.



Now that they are home, they seem to be settling in well. Leo has been spending most all his time eating – growing boy and all that jazz. Breeze is still a little restless, but she is slowly settling down.

Leo, doing what Leo does best

We have been leaving the dynamic duo be as much as possible so they can adjust in peace. Everyone has their own way of training, and I guess some might see my method as a little lazy. I’m not in any hurry. The next couple weeks are going to be spent chilling in a lawn chair, catching up on all those Terry Pratchett books waiting on my shelves. Leo and I will figure it out on his time, not mine. Dad is a little more eager than me, but that’s okay – it is his first time. Sort of. He helped a lot with gentling Ziggy, but it’s a little different when it is your horse.

Ziggy has been nice to the newbies overall. I imagine it must be exciting for Ziggy – for the first time in his life, he’s the tallest horse around! I do think that Zig is a little jealous that the kids get all the hay they want while he is subjected to a diet (the horror!).But he plays with Breeze and snuffles Leo through the fence. I am excited for the day they can all go out in the pasture together.

I’ll try to keep everyone updated as the trainig progresses!

Breeze and Ziggy – they’re actually getting along well. They were playing between the fence until Ziggy decided he had enough for the time being

13 thoughts on “The Kiddos

  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you for letting me know about Breeze. I was worried for her. This whole experience has really upset her routine. But with time and love I’m sure she’ll come around. She just needs a chance.

    I am so glad that she got a forever home. I still hope good things for her and am sending her my love.

    Thank you for giving these two such a great home.

  2. rlebt says:

    Breeze is a beauty! WoW!
    And Leo looks just a bit haggard right now, but with lots of eating he´ll probably be as beautiful as all your boys! I hope he´ll eat alright? *g*
    Love them!!

    • Hey rlebt, Leo is a yearling whereas Breeze is two so that may be why he looks a bit ‘haggard’ in comparison. It really sounds like eating isn’t an issue for him. I really hope Breeze takes his lead and settles soon, although I’m sure both of them will be fine.

  3. Nancy Roberts says:

    I am so excited for you Racheal! Pl;ease keep posting photos! nancy

  4. Sarah Griffin says:

    Breeze is so gorgeous! Glad to see that Leo is settling in so well and hopefully Breeze starts settling in more as well. I’m sure having each other is probably helping as well. Looking forward to more updates!

  5. chris1055 says:

    Just love to read your blog and wish you, your Dad and your adopted furry “children” all the best. Breeze and Ziggy’s ears are a bit pinned back in the pic; hope they’ll get along well. They have a good home now.

    • The caption under the photo says Breeze and Ziggy were playing, so I think they’re getting along. Rachel can corect me if I’m wrong, but I think the issue isn’t the horses getting along, it’s getting Breeze more comfortable in her new home.

  6. erinclifford says:

    Rachel, I’m so excited you adopted Leo. Seeing his newborn self wobbling around the morning we were set to leave the Pryors made me feel so happy and incredibly fortunate. He will forever be one of my favorites. Next time I’m out west (either for a visit or the eventual move) I’ll probably ask to impose on you so I can see him again 😉

  7. chris1055 says:

    So how is everyone? Miss your pics and blog.

    • Hi Chris! Thank you! I’m honored, really. The kids are doing well. Leo is almost to haltering, but still have a few spots he is not comfortable being touched, so I’m not sure if I want to halter first or work on that first. Breeze is still skittish but Dad & I have found she is much more willing to work after dark, and things are really starting to fall into place for her too. I’ll try to update the blog soon. Working with the kids combined with a stinky work schedule has left me little time for much else. Today I am interviewing for a job which should give me a better schedule and more time for horses and blogging – wish me luck!

      • chris1055 says:

        You’re still moving fast. When we got a beautiful feral horse, we were told not to even look at her for three weeks and not touch her. She came a long way and was adopted. We miss Sophie. Good luck on your interview. It will all work out. 🙂

  8. Prairie girl says:

    Oh Rachel! Luck on the new position for sure! Please let us know if you get the job, yah? And, if you do, that means youll have some free time to come out here and we can go to white mountain together! Why yes, I AM inviting myself! And hurry up with a pic of the kids and you.

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