Brave Sir Ziggy -or- Bay Is More Than Just Okay

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Mustang named Brave Sir Ziggy. Brave Sir Ziggy was loved and adored for his kindly ways and his rock solid courage. You see, he was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways. Oh Brave Sir Ziggy!*

Brave Sir Ziggy laughs at the evil ner-do-wells that surround him!

One day Brave Sir Ziggy was steadfastly watching for potential enemies who might threaten his castle and all who lived there. He most defintely was not standing around letting his peasant clean out his hooves because that is just not what heroes do. Suddenly out of nowhere an invisible, horse-eating monster appeared in a terrifying and non-visible fashion! Oh how dreadful!

Oh no! Watch out behind you, Noble Sir!

There was only one course of action for our dear hero. Brave Sir Ziggy ran away. Alas, there was colateral damage, but it was all well-worth it. Our world could not afford the blow of losing Brave Sir Ziggy in battle! All would turn to chaos!

Ziggy may roll, but he’ll never roll over in the face of danger!

Now Ziggy’s loyal peasant is laid up for a bit. On the bright side, the doctor has not called to talk about the x-ray results which means it probably will heal just fine on its own. On the down-side, White Mountain is out for this weekend. Ah well. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten stomped and it certainly won’t be the last. Really it’s my own darn fault for not having faster reflexes.

As the faithful scribe for my brave one, I wanted to expound on all of Ziggy’s virtues. He is a magnificent little guy. He will try his heart out for you and is as sweet as it comes. The problem is that telling everyone how wonderful my own horse is makes for pretty dull reading.

Instead, I am going to honor Ziggy by talking about some of my favorite bays. I reckon that bay is God’s favorite color for a Mustang to be. Why else would he make so many gorgeous bays?

As a quick note, I fear that most of these horses are male which seems horribly sexist, doesn’t it? Chesnuts are more predominant in White Mountain than bays are, and as such, most of my fave mares are redheads.

Heaven: I keep meaning to finish a half-written blog post about Heaven, but I have yet to find the time. Heaven is a bachelor stallion in White Mountain who has been through a lot. In spite of it all, he keeps trucking (well, gimping) along with his good buddy Ender.

Brego: White Mountain’s most adorable momma’s boy. Brego lives in a small band consisting his mother, Sil, and his father, Bink. It’s about time for Brego to become a footloose and fancy free bachelor. I’m not sure if he is going to be kicked out anytime soon, though.

Sil cleans Brego’s face – aren’t moms embarassing?

Thunderbird: Big boned and beautiful. I met Thunderbird in Divide Basin on my first ever solo wild hores trip. Sure she was very pregnant, but what really made her stand out is the way she towered over the band stallion. Despite that, Thunderbird came off as being very sweet and easy-going. She was very much the gentle giant of the family.

North: North’s band is usually solo and hanging out in the less desirable parts of White Mountain. They all seem pretty content with each other. Even his lead mare is laid back.

Honorable Mentions:

The first honorable mention goes out to this McCullough Peaks stallion. He wasn’t too people friendly, so I don’t know a whole lot about him but man was he handsome – be still my heart!

Then we have this cute Sand Wash boy. I worry about him, since I have not heard of anyone ever finding him inside the boundaries of the HMA. Horses outside of an HMAs boundaries are instantly removed, regardless of their age, sex, or general awesomeness.

And finally, there is my friend’s gelding Gus. Gus is not a Mustang, but he is pretty awesome, so he makes it into this blog too.

At the end of the day, though, Ziggy will always be number on in my heart.

*Gleefully plaigarized from Monty Python and regularly sung to Ziggy for going on 3 years


Published by Rachel Reeves

I am a photographer who currently lives in the great state of Colorado. I love going out and photographing wild horses in their natural habitat, and look forward to being able to share a glimpse their world with you.

9 thoughts on “Brave Sir Ziggy -or- Bay Is More Than Just Okay

  1. Oh Rachel, best wishes for a quick and full recovery!! Ziggy is GORGEOUS. The male from Sand Wash looks a lot like Regal G who was caught searching for love in all the wrong places (off the HA and at some ranch courting ranch mares). He was recently picked up by BLM. 😦

    1. Oh my goodness you’re right. CRUUUUUD!!!! I don’t have time for a project and he’d be a big project. Literally a d figuratively. Man I liked him though; poor taste in women notwithstanding…

  2. Love your stories Rachel. Please keep writing. Does the BLM do anything for equine welfare at all? From what I’ve seen they’re thoroughly evil.

    1. That’s tough, Chris. I don’t think that the BLM is evil, but I do think that there is an ingrained perception on every level of their bureacracy that the wild horse is a nuissance; something they have to “deal with” which makes it very difficult to instigate any sort of effective change. When you have a group of people who earn a paycheck but are not passionate what they are doing, then repetition becomes the norm. Instead of coming up with new ideas and ways to really take an interest in the horses that the BLM is duty-sworm to protect, all we see is the same old story of “remove as many as you can, as fast as you can”. What we need is more people within the BLM who are researching, brainstorming, thinking in new ways. Unfortunately, thinking is not really something that government agencies are known for.

    1. Yeah, Bandit is not a bay so the poor baby was left out. The BLM listed him as a chestnut which… isn’t quite accurate anymore. Bandit doesn’t really seem to fit into any of the traditional color categories. He has a black mane and tail but he’s not a bay. He has a black splotches on his legs which means he’s not a true chestnut, but they aren’t stripes & he doesn’t have a dorsal stripe down his back, so he’s not a dun either.

      In any event, it’s good for Bandit. Trouble doesn’t have to be the center of attention *all* the time… just 99% of it. 😉

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